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This city isn’t what outsiders think. Lincoln has always had the reputation of being a sleepy Midwest city. Not much happens. Nice enough, sure, but not the type of place people think about living — especially young people. We’ve just never really been the place people dream about.

But that’s about to change. It’s time to change perceptions.

Exciting things are happening in our city. Big things. Our spirit has a renewed sense of energy and there’s enthusiasm in our collective voice. You can feel it in the streets, see it on the skyline, hear it in the ideas of our young entrepreneurs and creative class. This might be a quiet, laid-back city, but it’s buzzing with a flourishing economy and a rich, vibrant culture.

Be young. Have a booming career. Raise a family. You can do it all here. And it all just keeps getting better.

We’ve become the crossroads of blue skies and bustling progress — the sweet spot of balanced living. It feels good to be here, to be a part of it. Life is right in Lincoln.

Low Cost of Living

Lincoln's cost of living is 6.7% lower than the U.S. Average.

Clean Air

Lincoln ranks first for cleanest metro area in the U.S. by ozone.

Low Unemployment

Lincoln boasts the second-lowest unemployment rate in America.

Access to Nature

Lincoln features more than 128 miles of trails with short commutes to various open spaces.

Short Commutes

Lincoln boasts the second-lowest commute time among midsize metros.

Rewarding Jobs

Ranked best city to find a job in 2012.

Good People

Nebraska is ranked the eighth happiest and also as having the healthiest well-being.

Thriving A & E

Ranked fifth in significant economic development projects in the region.

With a population of 306,503, Lincoln definitely has more to offer than you may think.