10 Great Hiring Tips from HR Heavyweights

Apr 8 2015
By Joseph Knecht in Insights

HR is pivotal to the success of a company. At Business Plan Today, Taylor Johnson has put together a great list of 10 tips to find the perfect candidate.

Here's a quick synopsis:

1. Include a question in the job posting

  • This is a great screen to weed out candidates that lack attention to detail

2. Use interview rubrics

  • This will help you to remain objective when interviewing multiple candidates

3. Don't focus on number of hires, focus on the capacity

  • Hiring to fill a quota generally doesn't land you the best candidates - hire for capacity to find the future high performers

4. Better to hire slow and fire fast, than to hire fast and fire slow

  • Tons of resources are lost on training new employees that don't fit the role in the long run. There are huge efficiency gains in taking the time to find the RIGHT candidate.

5. Put an effective process in place

  • Like anything else, find a system that works and use it. Identifying what does and does not work is paramount to hiring efficiency.

6. Be the leader everyone wants to work for

  • By growing yourself, and your team you will create an ecosystem where people WANT to work for you. 

7. Give the candidate a paid project

  • Those this doesn't work in every industry, giving a solid candidate a paid project is a great way for you to analyze their skill level and determine culture fit.

8. Ask about pop-culture characters

  • Pop-culture permeates everyone's lives. Asking questions is a great way to get a feel for the candidate and determine whether or not they'll be able to "keep up" in the office.

9. Gather data from multiple sources

  • Gathering data on your applicants from multiple sources is a surefire way to avoid surprises. 

10. Emphasize Cognitive Traits

  • By choosing to identify an applicant's cognitive traits, you'll get a great picture of the person's profficiency. This will help you to position the candidate properly within the organization and generally leads to greater employee happiness and engagement.

The full article can be found here 

Joseph Knecht
Post by Joseph Knecht

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