HR Tech Spotlight: Vitru

Apr 20 2015
By Joseph Knecht in Proteus News

Problem: People leave jobs most often because of fit issues with the manager, team or what the job calls for.  There are ways to assess an individual’s fit and what motivates him/her; it seems everybody has taken workplace assessments, like DISC, MBTI, StrengthsFinders, etc. But...most small and medium-sized businesses do not have the resources to constantly bring in an external talent management consultant for team development or hiring fit. Nor do they have the time or resources to dedicate to developing this in-house.

Why Vitru is the answer: Started in 2011, Vitru makes it easy for any manager to figure out the fit of new or existing team members. Using proprietary assessments to measure personality and an individual’s key drivers or motivators, a leader can easily see HOW someone will behave and the WHY behind it. Plus, the easy to use interface and intelligent analysis engine make it so ANY manager can pick up and start using it to compare team member fit without the need for an external consultant. A recent update to the Vitru platform has made it possible to break out of the old paradigm of “teams” - now anyone can be analyzed as a team, not just based on a pre-loaded org chart. With a few clicks and drags, a manager can easily make separate teams to see the potential performance of a subsection of his employees - like a different shift, location or even who signed up for the company-sponsored volleyball team.

Bonus: Which leads us to one of the coolest features - Vitru allows anyone to make teams.  Want to see how your friends fit together? Curious about the team dynamics of a school board committee? Invite any of them to be a part of custom teams within Vitru.

Vitru is truly democratizing talent management.  Check them out today -    

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Joseph Knecht
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