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May 18 2015
By Joseph Knecht in Proteus News

SocialHRCamp is self described as an “UnConference meets experiential learning workshop.” It’s a grand gathering of HR Professionals where the goal is to provide thought provoking workshops, discussions, and networking opportunities while maintaining a casual, free flowing atmosphere. SocialHRCamp occurs in cities all over North America like Boston, Chicago, Toronto, Vancouver and most recently, Omaha. You can find a complete list of past SocialHRCamp locations here.

As one of SocialHRCamp’s Omaha Sponsors, VentureTech helped to bring the conference to Omaha to further develop the state’s thriving tech startup culture. Josh Berry, managing director at VentureTech gave a presentation on some exciting new HR Technologies. For more info on specific presentations at Omaha’s SocialHRCamp, check out the hashtag “#shrc15” on Twitter.

SocialHRCamp coming to Omaha is just a small example of the growing startup ecosystem in the Midwest. As local businesses and the public are becoming more and more involved in the entrepreneurial system, events like this will be taking place in our backyard more often. For a weekly update on the Midwest startup atmosphere, check out the Inside Outside Podcast, hosted by Brian Ardinger, of Lincoln’s local startup accelerator Nmotion. Matt Boyd, who helped get Sqwiggle off the ground. And Paul Jarrett, co-founder of Bulu Box, a Lincoln Startup.

Red Branch Media a b2b full service marketing agency based in Omaha was kind enough to offer up their space as a location to host the entire event. Other sponsors include: Quantum Workplace, a platform to measure and improve employee engagement and “workplace awesomeness.” And ConnectUP, an application that connects email/messaging accounts in one place to drastically facilitate the communication process. For more info on SocialHRCamp and their Omaha event, click here

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Joseph Knecht
Post by Joseph Knecht

Joseph Knecht is the CEO at Proteus and loves to cover the topics of entrepreneurship, digital transformation, and web product commercialization.

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