Fanstreamm Headlines Silicon Prairie News

Jul 9 2015
By Joseph Knecht in Proteus News

As Fanstreamm continues to grow, founder Jason Kristufek was interviewed by Silicon Prairie News. In the article Jason tells his story of the challenges he faced in the early stages of his startup. Jason, who had deep sports industry expertise, knew that minor league teams were facing a big problem - 43% of their tickets go unsold. His first approach to solving this problem was close, but didn't quite hit the mark.

After conducting tons of customer validation interviews, Jason realized that he needed to undergo a pivot to solve this problem. That pivot caused the birth of Fanstreamm, a group ticketing platform for minor league teams. Jason went on to sell the idea using only screenshots. He was able to collect pre-orders based on these screenshots to fuel product development. Fanstreamm launched in early 2015 and currently serves 33 teams. 

Know of another startup success story? Let us know.

Joseph Knecht
Post by Joseph Knecht

Joseph Knecht is the CEO at Proteus and loves to cover the topics of entrepreneurship, digital transformation, and web product commercialization.

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