Lincoln Tech Companies Unify, Launch Proteus to Help Businesses Create Efficiencies and Find Opportunities through Digital Transformation

Apr 1 2017
By Joseph Knecht in Insights

Planning  for dynamic growth, VentureTech and Vipa Solutions have merged to become Proteus. Leveraging its 3Ps, Proteus Cloud Platform, technology and business minded People and agile-based Process, Proteus helps businesses digitally transform and create efficiency in: services, business process / workflows, disparate systems,  and enhance internal and external customer experiences.

The unveiling of the Proteus brand marks the the launch of explosive growth plans and the pinnacle of the recent roll-out of new and enhanced features to the company’s proven cloud platform, now offering the cutting edge content and event management and experiential data-gathering features of former Vipa Solutions. The new brand and it’s feature rich and scalable cloud platform are poised to effectively help clients leverage digital innovation to transform into efficient, cost savings machines and leap ahead of competitors. Accelerated by digital innovation, there are now two types of companies–those that shape the future, and those that allow the future to shape them, Proteus’ clients are those shaping the future.

"Our team is excited to unveil Proteus," said Joseph Knecht, CEO. "The age of digital disruption is here and no business is immune. I speak to CEO’s across the nation daily who are focused on becoming more efficient, asking how to automate outdated business processes and concerned about investing large sums of capital in cloud-based digital projects that end up being siloed or not adopted when rolled-out to the organization’s team," said Knecht. "This is how the merging of our two companies and teams really shines. Collectively both organizations have always seen our clients as partners, now we can work alongside our clients to offer the big picture of digital transformation, a complete and full set of features with our Proteus Cloud Platform, highly experienced business and tech minded people and an effective agile-based process that doesn’t waste clients money."

"It’s not just about six engineers in a room helping a department get disparate databases to communicate, it’s about how does this digital product give us true ROI and what’s the fastest way we get adoption once the solution’s been rolled-out," said Knecht. "Our company roots stem from the foundation of the University of Nebraska- Lincoln as we were launched by two then professors, Dr. Don Nelson and Dr. Muhlin Chen, Chen still with the company. Through the years we cut our teeth helping entrepreneurs disrupt niches. The current growth strategy and planned enhancements  to our cloud platform will allow us to have an even greater positive impact. In 2017 we shifted our focus to larger corporations because we know the larger the company we work with, the greater the number of people positively impacted. At the end of the day it’s about laying your head down knowing you and your team are helping disrupt the world for the better. Helping your fellow CEOs win."

Proteus specializes in working with an array of industries: human resources and financial services, healthcare and manufacturing, associations and nonprofit organizations, hospitality and tourism, advertising and marketing communications, and more.  To learn more about Proteus’ work, visit us at

Proteus helps companies revolutionize business models, customer experiences and operations to dramatically grow in the digital age. Using the Proteus Cloud Platform we help businesses digitally transform and automate: services, disparate systems, outdated tools, business workflows and systems and enhance internal and external customer experiences. Proteus gets the right product to market in less time and investment. Learn more about Proteus at


Joseph Knecht
Post by Joseph Knecht

Joseph Knecht is the CEO at Proteus and loves to cover the topics of entrepreneurship, digital transformation, and web product commercialization.

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