5 Trends Changing Customer Expectations

Jun 6 2017
By Joseph Knecht in Insights

As we work with our clients all over the country, one thing that keeps bubbling to the top is the changing world of client expectations on experience.

The expectations of a business to serve clients have extremely increased due to the productivity of the online world. Search engines allow consumers to access information about a business at a lightning pace. This increased speed also leads to a decrease in consumer patience when it comes to a company's knowledge and feedback.

Customer Experience

Customers expect data to be accessed efficiently and accurately across the entirety of a website. If it is difficult to access, the patience grows thinner and the odds of the customer returning grow weaker. Meaning, there is little room for error in data accessibility.

Let me do it

Online users often resort to a “help themselves” tactic. Consumers rely on trial and error to solve problems that occur while accessing data. By increasing a user's access to self check-outs, FAQ, and call centers, businesses can save time and money. This does not mean that calls from the help desk are no longer useful, but that most customers believe that the answers can be found faster through their own discovery.

Always On

We live in a 24/7 world. Information is accessed and connections are made in the pocketed devices we hold so dearly. Consumers are use to getting what they want, when they want it. This kind of dependency results in a “right now” mindset that people are unlikely to break. This means businesses must be prepared to accommodate longer opening hours and weekend support to meet the tireless needs of customers.

With support also comes an expectation for personalized service. The online experience is personalized through account interfaces like social media. As consumers have grown accustomed to these humanizing qualities, customer support must also reflect these traits.

Customers want their support to be familiar with what they want and the best ways to help. Therefore, having access to the history of a customer, including communication history, buying habits and preferences will aid in that expectation.

Phone First

Mobile optimization is a huge area of interest in online content. A majority of your customers use their smartphone as their primary source to access the internet. Therefore, your customers expect everything from a company’s website to their customer service to be “mobile-friendly.”

Ultimately, the reason businesses should study customer trends is to adapt to the changing environment. This can dramatically improve customer retention as well as ensure you are not beat out by your competitors.

Source: http://www.icmi.com/Resources/Customer-Experience/2015/07/10-Trends-Changing-Customer-Expectations

Joseph Knecht
Post by Joseph Knecht

Joseph Knecht is the CEO at Proteus and loves to cover the topics of buyer enablement, sales, entrepreneurship, and digital transformation.

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