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Apr 24 2018
By Proteus in Insights

If there’s one thing customers hate, it’s managing passwords. The frustrations that occur when trying to keep track of multiple login credentials can lead users to post passwords near their computer, reuse passwords across multiple sites, or other worse, risky habits. Having to rely solely on memory to manage passwords can also lead to increased abandonment rates for your site. 

If a user can’t remember their password, they can’t login. If they can’t login, they can’t utilize your platform. Other users may just retreat instead of creating yet another username and password they can’t keep track of. 

This all leads to lost revenue and negative feelings towards your website. 

Proteus always has the customer experience in mind. We want to make things simple, convenient, and secure for all our clients and those they serve. That’s why Proteus offers its clients a smart feature for their sites and portals.

Single sign-on (SSO) enables a user to log in once and gain access to the resources of multiple software systems, without being prompted to log in again. Essentially, a user logs in to one application like Google or Salesforce and is then automatically signed on to other applications.

When using SSO, you no longer have to remember multiple usernames and passwords or have to re enter those credentials for each new application. This also reduces the amount of “reset password” instances or other login errors. 

SSO eliminates customer identity management hassles by providing a single identity for all of the ways they interact with your business. This can make the platform experience easy and consistent across your entire web presence. 

Contact Proteus to learn more about how you can use SSO for your website or application. 

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