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Jul 13 2018
By Joseph Knecht in Insights

I know every person in sales takes their work, their cause, and their results incredibly personal. This post is not to inform you what you already know, but rather to share a different application of the word "personal," and why it matters more than ever in the Customer Life Cycle.

Personalization is the new competitive advantage. I know what you’re thinking, you’ve been utilizing personalization in your intel and research. Further, you’re also trying to personalize emails and make connections. Personalization is time-consuming, isn’t it? And you are just scratching the surface. Personalization is one success driver to Sales Enablement that needs a refocused approach.

From a sales perspective this study made several points, a few I will highlight here. 98% of marketers overwhelming agree that personalization helps advance customer relationships. I’m sure you agree that the more time, care, and resources at your fingertips the faster and more you can sell.

Good news is 87% of organizations see a measurable lift from these efforts. Further good news is 97% of those surveyed plan to maintain or increase their budgets in personalization. More resources are coming your way!

Getting those resources to come together is a challenge but it matters. If we cannot meet the client where they are and connect with them in that dynamic stage our sales results will suffer. Not to sound dramatic but, is there really anything more important than finding the most optimal way to connect with our prospects and jog with them over the closure finish line?

I also know you’re thinking, OK so this must be another new sales process which in your career is probably version 8.9. Not at all. This is about a smart and efficient integration of your existing sales process, your collateral and that of your marketing peers. Synthesized in a way that maximizes your sales skills, intellect, with personalization special sauce. It sounds easy but incredibly difficult to execute until ProteusEngage.

As sales execution specialists, Proteus Engage provides you with the ability to quickly create dynamic personal selling experiences and brings the phrase “qualified to closed” to life. If you are interested in seeing how we accomplish this, send us an email at

Joseph Knecht
Post by Joseph Knecht

Joseph Knecht is the CEO at Proteus and loves to cover the topics of buyer enablement, sales, entrepreneurship, and digital transformation. You can also folow him at - an advocate for b2b buyers around the world.

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