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Jul 17 2018
By Joseph Knecht in Insights

The results are in and we have consensus.

98% of marketers overwhelmingly agree that personalization helps advance customer relationships and 87% report a measurable lift from their personalization efforts. Enough said, right?

Unfortunately, the real-life application of personalization is a tougher nut to crack. While we know from the study you will be throwing more or the same amount of money on this issue or at least 97% of you will, where will it be driven?

With need and money assumed, the challenge falls in our opinion in the following three areas:


Most Marketing departments have one or several CMS libraries. The time required coordinating, finding, updating, and appropriately applying the collateral to the sales team is consuming and challenging. Add to that the multiple channels you manage and the amount of time needed to properly execute, a consistent strategy is just daunting.


The holy grail in a Marketers playbook is understanding the usage and implementation success of the collateral that you produce. Does your sales team utilize your materials as intended or even at all? How do you determine the success rate attributed to the specific collateral piece by channel, by sales stage, and by the archetype of the customer?


Ever notice how a fair amount of the work produced is reactive to a sales team request that you wish you would have understood or known about earlier so that your overall strategy could be aligned? In the quest for personalization, anticipating the customer need is a game changer. Being able to build on pace with the customer is an extreme value add.

ProteusEngage was built to bridge the gap between Sales and Marketing. Marketing can be supported to save time deploying resources and see key analytics to inform future strategies. The lift is easy but the results are powerful when you use ProteusEngage. If you are interested in seeing how we accomplish this, email

Joseph Knecht
Post by Joseph Knecht

Joseph Knecht is the CEO at Proteus and loves to cover the topics of buyer enablement, sales, entrepreneurship, and digital transformation. You can also folow him at - an advocate for b2b buyers around the world.

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