Industry Bleeding Points - How To Fix Them

Nov 27 2018
By Joseph Knecht in Insights

ProteusEngage PCP (Prospect Conversion Platform) brings sales and marketing together to allow you to easily create and manage targeted/relevant customer-centric portals. This helps your sales and account teams nurture, close and develop clients.

But no two industries are the same. Proteus worked with innovative leaders in the following industries to research, validate and deploy vertical specific ProteusEngage solutions to drive value.

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People are especially particular when it comes to their health, and even more so for extensive specialties that require long-term care. There is a shift occurring as potential patients are now shopping clinics and providers. Clinics are often not well prepared for a sales process or patient recruitment experience.

The ProteusEngage platform provides an individualized web portal experience, driving home the reasons "why" to select a certain provider to the prospect and their stakeholders.

Speciality medical and healthcare organizations are looking for ways to showcase their medical acument to perspective patients. The Engage platform idea provides organizations with multiple locations ways to educate, introduce and win trust.

This product was designed to help medical organizations build personalized digital engagement and convert more referrals and leads to patients.

Professional Services

Engaging prospective product opportunities. We’ve done extensive research in the direct sales of B2B types of projects and we found some bleeding points.

When companies experience a technical, complex sales cycle, with multiple decision makers, there is a real need to bridge that gap in those client connections.

The challenges for many professional services organizations involve:

  • Personalizing the experience with the client
  • Educating clients on the breadth of services offered
  • Keeping the pipeline moving during client engagement journey - Qualified to Close

Once an opportunity is identified, how can you as a sales leader nurture and bring that group of decision makers and stakeholders to an effective decision?

ProteusEngage provides a personalized portal experience at rapid development for companies to build out/nurture subsequent engagements, maintain deal flow consistency, and drive revenue.


Product distribution is a common way for businesses to segment their sales and scale effectively. Aside from the obvious benefits of partnering with a trusted brand, this B2B sales process has some obvious challenges.

For example, when a manufacturing company sells its product through dealers or distributors, there is often a major disconnect between the product message/differentiation and what is communicated to a potential customer.

ProteusEngage helps close that gap and provides a solution for those dealers/distributors to create consistent messaging and build digital relationships throughout the customer lifecycle. Because of the complexity and length of sales for high dollar products, a targeted buying experience is more important than ever to prevent loss of sales.

Our platform is easily implemented and adaptable to your current sales model and CRM. Our goal is not to uproot your process or replace your sales team, but to provide a tool to empower your dealers/distributors to sell more effectively.

After you’ve closed the deal with your client, you can use the platform to nurture and create retention to support your clients post sale. As a result, the value chain of is much higher.

Economic Development

Recruitment and Retention is the bread and butter of any economic development organization. The goal is to get businesses to move and grow in the area as well as keep current businesses in the community aware of changes and growth policies.

Our platform empowers economic developers with the ability to create highly personalized and project specific portals to recruit and nurture target businesses.The tool guides prospective businesses from lead to proposal/closed.

This tool provides key information to your target companies with access to complete Business Retention and Expansion (BRE) surveys, questions, polls, news and automated ongoing nurturing to help get your economic development message delivered. A powerful tool to deliver results at scale.

Senior Living

Residents and their families are looking for more ways than ever to connect with their facility of choice, and explore services and amenities, and onboarding.

What happens after a senior living facility gives a consultation or tour to a prospect or family member? How in the midst of all the options and resources does your facility stay top of mind?

Proteus has developed a way to share relevant and consistent information of the facility with multiple family members. Building the relationship and creating trust, before and after the tour, is the new way to sell your senior living experience.

ProteusEngage works by easily creating customizable prospect portal experiences that showcase facility benefits, services, lifestyle and more - driving census and occupancy growth for senior living organizations.

Joseph Knecht
Post by Joseph Knecht

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