We have been writing over that past several blogs about the need for a buyer side sales enablement strategy to engage with your customers through their unique buying journey. We’ve introduced BSE (Buyer Sales Enablement platform) to your vernacular as the solution that takes qualified prospects to close faster. Now, this may not matter if you are selling a direct to consumer, low priced, commoditized product through only say an eComm site. But for many B2B organizations, they battle several other challenges.

ProteusEngage was designed to provide a solution for challenges like:

  • Timely and relevant messaging (how to get your differentiation across)     
  • Long or complex sale cycles
  • Multiple decision makers
  • Higher value deals
  • Loss of sales message in a dealer or channel model
  • Visibility and analytics on prospect activity

So ask yourself, do you struggle with any of the above? Through honest retrospection are any of these relevant? Would an improvement in any of the above yield dividends for your organization? Would those improvements not only make you money but save you resources and precious time?

We have talked with hundreds of organizations, in a variety of industries -- all with different structures and challenges -- and the above really resonates. It’s time to ask yourself the most important question of all. Do you desire to improve? Commitment here is the key.

What kind of commitment? Well, not as serious as the commitment I asked for and committed to when I proposed to my wife, but serious in its own right. Customers have taken control of their buyer’s journey and are demanding us to provide them with the experience, education, resources, and attention to their needs, like never before. Decide you’re not committed to them and they will say no to the proposal before you even go on your first date. Commit and partner with them and you will experience a 50 year wedding anniversary today.

So this is only a solution for Goliath type companies, right? Not at all. Technology is an incredible equalizer and having a well-calibrated buyer side sales enablement is attainable for a company of any size or budget. We designed ProteusEngage to solve the customization challenge and drive more sales for organizations. While we work with Fortune 300 and 1,000 companies, our platform is agnostic to company size. It’s just dependent on a commitment to get better and learn. Now all organizations, every David, can play with the big boys and girls. If you are committed to growing sales and want to learn more about how ProteusEngage is helping organizations win, email us at sales@proteus.co or select a brief time to chat by clicking here.

Joseph Knecht
Post by Joseph Knecht

Joseph Knecht is the CEO at Proteus and loves to cover the topics of buyer enablement, sales, entrepreneurship, and digital transformation. 

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