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Feb 7 2014
By Joseph Knecht in Proteus News


Lincoln is a city full of software and application design talent. It’s a city defined by a diverse industry base. Like many communities though, the right people are not always in the same room discussing theirVentureTech sponsors JumpStart
challenges and potential solutions. In order to match opportunities for innovation in local companies by pairing those issues with brilliant minds, the Lincoln Partnership for Economic Development, NMotion, Fuse Coworking, VentureTech and Nebraska Innovation Campus present JumpStart Challenge. JumpStart Challenge is a program designed to bring brilliant minds together to network, focus on key industry issues and co-create solutions to ultimately generate small businesses here in Lincoln.

“The focus of JumpStart Challenge is to allow designers, developers and entrepreneurs to begin by concentrating on major industry problems, providing solutions, and winning a test bed period to further refine their products,” said, Pat Haverty, Vice President of the Lincoln Partnership for Economic Development. “Our hope as organizers is that this interaction will lead to a new business or innovative product developed, based right here in Lincoln.” JumpStart Challenge will host an informational session on February 22 to educate interested individuals on the industry challenges. Individuals will form in to teams based on their interest in a specific issue. For the next six weeks, these groups will work to find a solution and create a presentation to showcase at the Challenge on April 5. Teams will be judged and awarded by the company which presented their issue. In turn, the participating company will award its winning team with a test bed package which contains time, mentoring, office space and resources. “This is not the standard model quick pitch competition,” said Brian Ardinger, Managing Director at NMotion, a startup accelerator based in Lincoln. “JumpStart Challenge will bring individuals together from all across Lincoln and Nebraska to introduce business relationships, create synergy and co-create new business for Lincoln.”

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Joseph Knecht
Post by Joseph Knecht

Joseph Knecht is the CEO at Proteus and loves to cover the topics of entrepreneurship, digital transformation, and web product commercialization.

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