Strengths of Entrepreneurs and Selective Hearing

Jan 12 2012
By Proteus in Proteus News

Hey all,

I have been away for awhile but I have a short and sweet thought that was inspired by a response to a TechCrunch article.  The article covered all the things that entrepreneurs fail at.  Depressing right?  I found a call for suggestions to highlight the opposing side for what entrepreneurs will do really well and decided I'd throw in my two cents.  After thinking for awhile, I remembered back to my younger days when my mother would yell at me for me not listening to her (what I deemed selective hearing).  While this might have earned me a time-out our an ear pull years ago, this selective hearing has proven very useful as an entrepreneur.  Entrepreneurs are excellent at being selective listeners.  In order to be successful, you have to learn to tune out the negativity and amplify the positivity.  If we all stopped because people told us our ideas are silly or too extreme then we wouldn't have the internet or footprints on the moon.  Surround yourself with and listen to the people who broadcast a positive vibe.

Post by Proteus

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