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Seamless Experience

Seamless Experience

When we say seamless we mean it.... Your customers and your account team easily can communicate, share, and build trust in a centralized environment. All activities are synced in ProteusEngage or your preferred CRM.

Collaboration with Purpose

Collaboration with Purpose

Proven modules and tools to inspire collaboration with multiple decision makers during the upsell and business case process. Helping buyers build confidence with your current offerings and aligning stakeholders for addtional product and service offerings.

Deeper and Wider Relationships

Deeper and Wider Relationships

Relationships are king in b2b sales and account management - create consistent experiences and interactions to build trust, needs discovery, alignment, and deepen the relationship with multiple decision makers. Stop missing opportunities - Engage has proven and scalable plays to drive client relationships and upsell success.

Foster account growth and increase your wallet share.

Engage empowers sales and marketing teams to closely align in the creation and activation of successful account growth plans via Engage workspaces. This targeted and measurable process creates visibility on potential account growth and revenue opportunities while helping to create easily personalized experiences for clients. 

I love how prospects can easily send a link to other members of their team. The result is customers help to identify the people in an organization who need to be involved in decisions. Additionally, as new members join the discussion, they can get caught up with previous communications, keeping everyone current.

Darren H.

What happens before and after your virtual Meetings?

Answer: ProteusEngage

ProteusEngage is a buyer enablement platform that bring individuals from the sales team, account team and buyers into a seamless experience to drive relationships, trust, and confidence in complex b2b sales.

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Plays Well with Others

ProteusEngage works with all CRMs, Virtual Meeting and Marketing Automation platforms to provide a seamless buyer experience. Prospects and clients engage in meaningful sales and relationship activities via the workspace - sales enablement 2.0 is now buyer enablement. 

Client Success & Guided Adoption

When you partner with ProteusEngage, you get more than licenses and how-to tutorials... you get one of our specialists assigned to your account. Armed with data, research, and proven best practices, our team becomes an extension of your team - your success is our success.

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Connecting with our enterprise customers and prospects through Proteus enables our sales team to share product information, case studies, videos, proposals, etc — all within one integrated environment. No more finding and forwarding emails, or losing track of information during turnover at our partner companies! 

Sales Team Member