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ProteusEngage is a virtual collaboration platform that helps client success and account management teams build relationships, position clients for brand loyalty, and pave the way for cross-selling success. More engagement means more opportunities and that’s at the core of our keep + grow revenue philosophy. 

Centralized Workspaces

The ultimate collaboration tool, ProteusEngage workspaces bring your customers and client success teams together in one place to store all communication, important documents, QBRs, monthly reports and more. Never lose track of previous conversations or action items as they are all gathered in one secure setting.

Proactive Engagement

Stop waiting for your clients to have a problem before you reach out, and start sharing optimization ideas and brainstorming enhancements before they have a problem. 

Workflows and Triggers

Create your own cadence for customer touchpoints and automate it in ProteusEngage, or use the templates that are provided from our own client success experts. Either way, it is easy to create and implement a plan and timing for each client and follow it through. 


Never miss another key milestone in a customer’s lifecycle. Use ProteusEngage’s trigger system to automate messaging based on a variety of actions and events, whether that means alerting your staff of churn-risk behaviors or reaching out to your customer automatically. You can share content based on usage levels, or pre-schedule a cadence of training videos based on time from onboarding. Automation and bulk publishing are easy with ProteusEngage.


Finally a tool that makes onboarding easy. Preload video trainings and automate email templates to bring your clients up-to-date on your product, and then follow up with meeting recaps and action item lists to keep everyone accountable during the critical beginning stages of their journey map.


ProteusEngage is built for true customer-centric collaboration. The platform allows for real-time editing and commenting on various file types to give your customer the ultimate buy-in experience. Both your team and your customers are able to share any file type or size with ease to assure everyone has all the information needed to move forward in your relationship.

Lifecycle and Segmentation

Segmenting your customers and tracking their lifecycle has never been easier. Simply create labels and tag workspaces to track and sort your customers appropriately, and deliver messaging to those segments all at once without having to schedule a new email campaign. Plus, you can automate actions based on specific milestones, so your customer journey is always celebrated.

Reduce Churn

The more you know about your customer, the easier it is to predict churn-risk. ProteusEngage facilitates the perfect environment to develop a true, collaborative relationship with your customers, so that you can anticipate problems before they arise and reduce churn through building trust and transparency.

Drive New Revenue

Even if your CSMs aren’t well-versed in sales tactics, ProteusEngage makes upselling and cross-selling easy, with easy to share content and pre-built templates for engagement. Sell new products or more seats with ease by simply educating your customers about their value.

Relationship Management

Good customer relationships are built on trust and collaboration, and ProteusEngage fosters the growth of both of those elements effortlessly. Increase transparency, improve engagement, and build a long-lasting connection with your customers with ease and scalability.


Keep your customers on track during onboarding, or at any stage in their lifecycle, by assigning tasks through the system. Automatically notify managers and others about tasks that are overdue or coming due soon, and alert the whole team when things are completed.

Data Collection/Surveys

NPS and client satisfaction surveys, or any other information gathering tool, are easy to share through ProteusEngage. And tracking the responses is as simple as checking your email.

Client Health Score

Powerful analytic and reporting tools can provide you an accurate picture of your client’s engagement throughout the relationship. With particular values assigned to all actions within the platform, it’s easy to see who needs more attention and who is fully engaged.

Insights and Analytics

See the full picture of your engagement level with each customer by reviewing ProteusEngage’s rich analytics and insights. Learn what time of day they prefer to review content, and the most effective way to conduct trainings, all within the platform.

The Revenue Revolving Door

Is your revenue stuck in a revolving door? After interviewing hundreds of sales, customer success and chief revenue professionals, we learned that the majority of customers are lost after onboarding. This creates a negative ripple effect in lost cross-sell and upsell opportunities never making it to the table. The result is what ProtreusEngage calls a triple-out revolving door of lost clients, lost resource time and compounding lost revenue. 

Your client success and account management teams hold the keys to maximizing revenue and ending the revolving door once and for all. But most companies aren’t structured to support winning the hearts and loyalty of customers after the initial sale and after their unboarding. In fact, we found in most companies: 

  • Relationship building strategies end with sales, leaving customers disengaged after onboarding.  
  • Customer success teams don’t like selling. 
  • Buying committees struggle to get on the same page. 
  • Consistency is all over the board. 
  • Customer sales journeys are difficult to implement and track. 

ProteusEngage Simplifies the Process

The ProteusEngage platform was built on three areas of value to help customer success and relationship management teams maximize revenue through a proven, simplified process. 

Relationships via Collaboration

Good relationships are key to maximizing revenue. ProteusEngage offers a robust collaborative platform that takes the guesswork out of complex relationship building. Our centralized virtual environment consists of communication modules that ensure every stakeholder has the information they need and opportunity to engage. Best yet, ProteusEngage offers key data points on how the communication is going so management has full visibility.


Your best performing customer journeys and key touchpoints are seamlessly incorporated into the ProteusEngage buyer engagement platform. It’s an automated process that takes all the guesswork, and the pressure, off client success teams. Use your own customer journey elements or our results-driven templates. Our team will work with you to fully incorporate best practices to maximize your impact. 


Seamless engagement with your customers means minimal turnover, increased cross-sell and upsell opportunities and happy customer success and account management teams. When fully deployed, ProteusEngage companies see 10-15% in saved and increased revenue.

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Engage provided our team a model and consistent approach to current account upsell and relationship expansion. Our ROI was achieved in only 4 months.

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Keep and Grow Revenue
with ProteusEngage

  • Centralized virtual communication workspace
  • Seamless collaboration between client success team, sales teams and buyer teams
  • Optimization with our proven revenue driving tools and modules 
  • Full visibility on areas of opportunity
  • Consistency and personalization at scale
  • One-on-one positioning support with the Proteus team
  • 10-15% saved and increased revenue when fully deployed
  • An end to your revenue revolving door for good

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Keep and Grow Revenue with ProteusEngage

Plays Well with Others

ProteusEngage works with most popular CRMs, Virtual Meeting and Marketing Automation platforms to provide a seamless experience with little lift. Prospects and customers engage in meaningful collaborative relationships to drive success. 


Specialists and Guided Adoption

When you partner with ProteusEngage, you get more than licenses and how-to get one of our specialists assigned to your account. Armed with data, research and proven best practices, our team becomes an extension of your team - your success is our success.

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ProteusEngage empowers sales and marketing teams to closely align in the creation and activation of successful client onboarding plans via ProteusEngage workspaces. This targeted and measurable process creates visibility on potential client and revenue opportunities while helping to create easily personalized experiences for clients.

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