Are you experiencing...

  • Absent automation and efficiencies during renewals 
  • Lack of consistency and process in renewal stages
  • Weak visibility of renewal health
  • Insufficient real-time measurement of touch base activities
  • Missing follow ups and contract deadlines
  • Struggle with collaboration, organization, and sharing of documents both internally and externally

Assuming your clients will renew is not a strategy

Optimizing your process, engagement, automation, and visibility ensures successful renewals

Renewal Workspace

Renewing is one of the most critical interactions in B2B. Vendors need to ensure that the process is informative, seamless, and easy to execute. But how? With multiple stakeholders and the need for collaboration. Engage's client facing workspaces for renewals provides a centralized environment and processes to ensure a clear path to success

  • Centralized and dynamic client renewal workspaces
  • On-demand (always available) to meet deadlines and optimize timing
  • Two Way - Collaboration and Tools
  • Automated and Organized communication
  • Real-time analytics and reporting

Internal Teams
External Stakeholders

Collaboration and Connected Experiences

Every renewal requires reflection on the current year as well as new, upcoming initiatives to cross sell and upsell the client. Whether it's annual account reviews, strategic plans, invoices, contracts, or expansions, effective and measurable communication and collaboration is the key to unlocking healthy conversations and new opportunities. 

  • Two-way environment for trust building and collaboration
  • Intelliflowz (automation) and connected experiences
  • File sharing and annotation/versioning
  • Document Library for past reviews and future opportunities
  • Integrated communication like commenting, direct messaging, and email

Centralized Workspaces

Doc Share

Workflow and Tasks

Direct/Group Messaging

Report Sharing

Go from Disjointed to Repeatable Processes

We help partners take their disjointed and fragmented processes as well as their ad hoc execution and turn those into custom engagement strategies to drive a repeatable, scalable, and automated connected experiences.

  • Proven, repeatable processes and tasks for client engagement
  • Process segmentation based on client/contract types
  • Adaptive experiences and automated renewal health/review alerts
  • Visibility of client renewal health analytics and progress reports
  • Integrated Upsell and Cross-sell sequences
  • Seamless integration with popular platforms





reduction in time to renew
boost efficiency of renewals via workflows
increased visibility on expansion opportunities

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