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Complex Sales and Client Expansion

The ProteusEngage buyer enablement platform was created for industry buyers and sellers who were frustrated with the complexity of the business to business purchasing process. ProteusEngage is different from any other enablement platform. It leverages a buyer first methodology, that helps buyers buy. Powered by proven engagement prescriptions and tools for internal champions, ProteusEngage's one of a kind Workspaces drive collaboration, consistency, and communication for a team selling /consensus buying environments - driving relationships and revenue success. We help Your Buyers Buy.

Personalization, Tailored Messaging, and Focused Sharing

...and much more

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"Great tool to stay connected with prospects and customers - My contacts had gone dark and were not getting back to me as much as usual.  As a sales person this would usually concern me.  Because of ProteusEngage, I could see that they continued to review my information and were still engaging. Come to find out, the client needed to pause for an internal purpose and we are now back and we are finalizing our contract. 

ProteusEngage helped me remain calm, cool and collected - knowing more helps!"

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Darren H
Sales Leader - Enterprise Technology Company

Sales Enablement 2.0
is Buyer Enablement

Sales leader success in a no handshake world

Stop having your sales team sling out as many brochures and ppt's as they can.  Adopt the approach your buyers and clients desire - real consultative and authentic relationships on their terms.

ProteusEngage empowers sales and account teams to build highly collaborative digital workspaces to maintain real relationships via communication, collaboration and trust development - digitally.

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What happens before and after your virtual Meetings?

Answer: ProteusEngage

ProteusEngage is a sales enablement platform that brings individuals from the sales team, account team and buyers into a seamless experience to drive relationships, trust, and confidence in complex b2b sales.

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Seamless Integrations

ProteusEngage works with all CRMs, Virtual Meeting and Marketing Automation platforms to provide a seamless buyer experience. Prospects and clients engage in meaningful sales and relationship activities via the workspace - sales enablement 2.0 is now buyer enablement. 

You're Not Alone - Guided Adoption

When you signup for ProteusEngage, you get more than licenses and how-to tutorials ... you get one of our specialists assigned to your account. Our team becomes an extension of your team - your success is our success. 

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Foster client growth and  
increase cross-sell.

Equip your sales and client teams for success

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“Engage not only enabled our team to deeply collaborate and drive consensus with our new business prospects it also provided our team a model and consistent approach to current account upsell and relationship expansion.“

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Kyle Fredrickson, CEO