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Work better together

Keep clients and internal teams in step
with each other through a centralized
workspace for all communication,
collaboration, documents, and more.


Meaningful Communication

Develop deeper relationships through the sharing and collaboration on resources, marketing materials, documents and more. The secret, Engage is seamless for your team. 


Scale with automation
and repeatable processes

Create defined workflows that allow you to
scale and ensure everyone is moving
forward together proactively.


All the tools you love without all the tabs.

Save time and eliminate duplication by bringing your most used apps
into one convenient workspace.

Centralized Workspaces

The ultimate collaboration tool, ProteusEngage workspaces bring your customers and client success teams together in one place to store all communication, important documents, QBRs, monthly reports and more. Never lose track of previous conversations or action items as they are all gathered in one secure setting.

Workflows and Triggers

Create your own cadence for customer touchpoints and automate it in ProteusEngage, or use the templates that are provided from our own client success experts. Either way, it is easy to create and implement a plan and timing for each client and follow it through. 


ProteusEngage is built for true customer-centric collaboration. The platform allows for real-time editing and commenting on various file types to give your customer the ultimate buy-in experience. Both your team and your customers are able to share any file type or size with ease to assure everyone has all the information needed to move forward in your relationship.


Keep your customers on track during onboarding, or at any stage in their lifecycle, by assigning tasks through the system. Automatically notify managers and others about tasks that are overdue or coming due soon, and alert the whole team when things are completed.


Finally a tool that makes onboarding easy. Preload video trainings and automate email templates to bring your clients up-to-date on your product, and then follow up with meeting recaps and action item lists to keep everyone accountable during the critical beginning stages of their journey map.

Proactive Engagement

Stop waiting for your clients to have a problem before you reach out, and start sharing optimization ideas and brainstorming enhancements before they have a problem. 


Never miss another key milestone in a customer’s lifecycle. Use ProteusEngage’s trigger system to automate messaging based on a variety of actions and events, whether that means alerting your staff of churn-risk behaviors or reaching out to your customer automatically. You can share content based on usage levels, or pre-schedule a cadence of training videos based on time from onboarding. Automation and bulk publishing are easy with ProteusEngage.

Data Collection/Surveys

NPS and client satisfaction surveys, or any other information gathering tool, are easy to share through ProteusEngage. And tracking the responses is as simple as checking your email.

Customer-Centric Sales Tools

From ROI calculators to Joint Action Plans, activate all of your sales tools on the platform and allow your customer to use them as they see fit. Track their engagement and add another data point to their overall health score.

Mutual Action Plans

Customers respond to accountability just like anyone else, so keep everyone moving towards the same goal with Mutual Action Plans (MAPs). MAPs are fully integrated into the ProteusEngage platform and can be editable by both customers and your team to give it a true collaborative feel.

Marketing and Sharing

Provide easy access to all marketing materials through the ProteusEngage asset library so everything is always on brand. Share new products and services with a click, and use email templates to unify your messaging.

Team Selling

Perhaps your CSMs are not the ones who pitch new products or services to the customers, so you want to bring in the specific client upsell team. Simply add them to the workspace and they can see the history of the conversations and any issues a client has had, without even having to check with the CSM about their status. You can also invite subject matter experts in to shed light on increased value, without having to look at their schedules or include them in meetings.

Insights and Analytics

See the full picture of your engagement level with each customer by reviewing ProteusEngage’s rich analytics and insights. Learn what time of day they prefer to review content, and the most effective way to conduct trainings, all within the platform.


Share overview videos and meeting recaps.

Structured Data

Group and structure assets and information targeted for every stage of the journey.

Invite Others

Keeping everyone on the same page is a big part of the puzzle. Easily invite others to the workspace to drive relationship and collaboration. 

Visibility & Management:

Have a clear picture of customer health

Access all historical communication, analytics and insights in one location for
quick visibility of risks and opportunities.

Resources and Templates to get you started!

Ready to make client touch points more accountable? Implement our free MAP
templates and transform your team into a relationship and closing machine.

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Engage provided our team a model and consistent approach to current account upsell and relationship expansion. Our ROI was achieved in only 4 months.

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