Are you experiencing...

  • Need for repeatable processes and engagement with community stakeholders
  • Trouble creating consistency in BRE (Business Recruitment and Expansion) activities
  • Lack of visibility and communication during long and complex business recruitment cycles 
  • Limited two-way collaboration of documents, surveys, reports, etc. 
  • Unstructured communication between many stakeholders during business recruitment process
  • Difficulty scaling engagement with investors and volunteers 

Growing communities and relationships, the modern way

Tools to drive engagement and your community forward


Centralized Workspace

Your community and business stakeholders are busy and have high expectations for project engagement and results. The role of economic developers is to be a bridge and a resource aligning these stakeholders for success. This continual and collaborative process requires a new way of engagement and enablement for economic development teams. 

Centralized and dynamic workspaces

  • On-demand (always available)
  • Two Way - Collaboration and Tools
  • Frictionless and meaningful experiences for stakeholders
  • Secure environments for data exchange

Internal Teams
External Stakeholders


Modern businesses and community leaders are complex and they have many stakeholders. The key to ensuring satisfaction and areas of growth for the stakeholders relies on consistent and meaningful collaboration. Collaboration and alignment can occur on projects, recruitment, retention, expansion, donor relations, boards, and more. Engage helps orchestrate highly personalized environments to demonstrate economic value via measurable communication and collaboration to unlock community success.

Solution Mapping

Forms and Questionnaires

Needs Summary

Doc Share

Proposal Manager


As an economic development leader, you are looking for consistency with your team and doing more with less. Engage has proven outreach processes, modules, and tools to drive scalable, yet meaningful engagement.  

  • Proven repeatable processes for community engagement
  • Centralized experience for data collection, surveying, and document collaboration
  • Improve impact with smaller teams
  • Seamless integration with popular CRMs and platforms
  • Analytics to drive smart strategies





increase in stakeholder engagement
For every user action Engage does 5 more
increase in efficiency in communication and collab