Are you experiencing...

  • Need for centralization environment to share information and resources with external stakeholders and partners
  • Struggling to effectively communicate and collaborate with external partners, stakeholders, members, donors, etc. 
  • Difficulty scaling your impact and need tools to help do more with less
  • Need for repeatable processes and consistency of program engagement with external stakeholders
  • Trouble turning regular data collection from programs and services into actionable insights and impact metrics

Making it easy for your team to have wins

Modernize your collaboration with external partners to streamline processes and drive success

Centralized Workspace

Your community, members, and stakeholders have high expectations for program results. Aligning resources, processes, data, and communication are key to success. Engage provides a centralized environment for executing continual and collaborative stakeholders activities and processes. 

Centralized and dynamic workspaces

  • On-demand (always available)
  • Two Way - Collaboration and Tools
  • Frictionless and meaningful experiences for stakeholders
  • Secure environments for data sharing

Internal Teams
External Stakeholders

Collaboration & Sharing

You have a mission in mind. This mission requires internal and external partners to achieve. Organizations must be able to communicate and collaborate with these partners in a consistent and meaningful way to increase their chances of success. Collaboration and alignment are needed for program management, execution and engagement with stakeholders. Engage helps orchestrate highly personalized environments that keep your powerful mission in mind and achieve your goals.


Forms & Data Collection

Workflows & Tasks

File sharing & collaboration

Direct/Group Messaging


As a leader you are looking for consistency with your team and doing more with less. Engage has proven outreach processes, modules, and tools to drive scalable, yet meaningful engagement.

  • Proven repeatable processes for stakeholder engagement
  • Centralized experience for data collection, surveying, and document collaboration
  • Orgs can focus on impact rather than dealing with tedious administrative tasks. 
  • Seamless integration with popular CRMs and platforms
  • Analytics to drive smart strategies





increase in stakeholder engagement
For every user action, Engage does 5 more
increase in efficiency in communication and collab