Mutual Action Plans - MAPs

Mutual Action Plans (MAPs) are collaborative tools to navigate prospect and client journeys in step with your teams. They include due dates, responsible parties, and descriptions of each step to keep everyone in line. 

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QBRs - Quarterly Business Reviews

Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) are a staple of most CS Teams, but many don't quite know what information to share. It's important to give a comprehensive overview of your clients' success in the past quarter, but also have room for open and honest communication about things that aren't going as well.

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Customer Touchpoints

CS Teams need to be proactive in their approach with clients, so just talking to them when something is wrong or during renewal time is simply not enough. Regular check ins with your clients can help to show your value and encourage more usage of your product, and if you do it right, they can all be automated and not require much of your CSMs valuable time. 

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Meeting Recaps

A simple but effective tool for all Client Success team members is the meeting recap. It is a place to confirm what was discussed in the meeting, assign next steps, and create a clear plan of action.

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