Are you experiencing...

  • Email fatigue between you and the candidates
  • Struggling to communicate your company's mission, vision, and value
  • Issues managing outreach on increased volumes of potential recruits
  • Lack of analytics on candidate engagement and intent
  • Difficulty sharing files, videos, and alignment info with candidates
  • Insufficient tracking of onboarding phases and tasks
  • Desire for repeatable checklist for onboarding activities and HR compliance

The complete candidate outreach and engagement experience from recruitment to onboarding success

Our proven repeatable and dynamic experiences can increase your candidate engagement by 60%+.

Candidate Workspaces

Engaging candidates now requires on-demand communication and a dynamic digital experience. It's more important than ever to utilize recruitment technology and be innovative in your outreach. To address these needs, corporate recruiters leverage Engage’s candidate facing workspaces to communicate, collaborate and create transparency for executing the recruitment process. 

  • Centralized and dynamic workspaces
  • On-demand (always available)
  • Two Way - Collaboration and Tools
  • Frictionless and meaningful experiences
  • Secure environments for HR compliance

Your Team
Your Candidates

Communication & Collaboration Hub

Engaging candidates now requires on-demand communication and a dynamic digital experience. Most talent teams struggle with email fatigue, overall confusion, lack of visibility and overwhelming task execution. Engage helps create a secure, centralized environment to foster engagement, build loyalty and trust from candidate recruitment to onboarding. Engage leverages robust file sharing, foldering, and checklist/tasks for both the new employees and your internal team in an easy and timely way.

Centralized Workspaces

File sharing & collaboration

Workflows & Tasks

Doc Share

Forms and Data Collection

Scalable Processes & Automation

Engage uses a proven approach, processes, and automation to help yield recruitment teams 18%+ operational efficiency, transparency, candidate outreach/engagement, and onboard recruits faster with a better experience.

  • Centralized workspaces for complete transparency
  • Proven, repeatable mutual plans for streamlining engagement and candidate accountability
  • Secure file sharing, marketing libraries, videos, and alignment info - all under one roof
  • Seamless integration with your CRM, email, and messaging apps 
  • Access to analytics and data for data-driven recruitment and retention


increase in candidate engagement
candidate onboarding capacity
reduction in onboarding time

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