Now that you’ve hired a new employee, the road to that employee being integrated into the team begins. This journey involves information overload, efficiency expectations, training, and more. 

This journey is risky. The new employee could feel overwhelmed and decide to leave you for a competitor. Within the first 90 days of a new job, employees still consider whether they want to jump ship and find elsewhere to work. Which means all the work your recruitment team did to attain the new hire is wasted. 

Timing is very crucial in this process. Not only do you want to make the transition as easy as possible for the new employee, your internal team needs a clear journey map to help keep track of steps, communicate to the new hire, and meet deadlines moving forward. 

So how do you ensure the onboarding of the new hire leads to a successful asset to the company?

The underlining way to achieve a successful employee onboarding is building a relationship with the new hire and establishing trust. When the new hire feels valued, this increases employee engagement, reduces turnover and helps grow a strong business. As an onboarding team, you want to ensure the new hire feels like a valued member of the team from the get-go.

Our product, Engage, is used for talent engagement with candidate facing workspaces to communicate, collaborate and create transparency for executing the onboarding process. With Engage, employee onboarding teams can share information and resources with their new hire to help align data collection, forms, file sharing. 

Our tool includes onboarding checklists and automation to keep the candidate on track and engaged throughout the process. Allowing your onboarding team to increase efficiency, decrease time to onboard, and do more with less. 

In addition, Engage also helps provide a seamless transition from your recruitment team to your internal onboarding team. 

Today’s new hire has heightened expectations. They want a seamless, on-demand experience. If they don’t get it from you, they could get it from your competitor, costing your team a serious asset. 

Engaging new hires should not be overlooked. Especially considering the investment in the onboarding process. Help increase your company’s employee retention rates by making the onboarding experience the best it can be. Engage can help. Schedule a call with us today to discover our tool for talent engagement and help those candidates choose you. 

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