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Are you experiencing...

  • Your team is currently ad hoc - looking for consistency in customer interactions
  • The need for scalable but meaningful engagements with customers
  • Seeking greater client accountability via mutual plans, tasks and visibility 
  • Desire repeatable processes and better outcomes from QBRs, strat plans etc...
  • Poor execution of land and expand processes with your team
  • Difficulty in creating continuity on sales handovers?
  • Limited connection with decision makers?

Modern customer success engagement for experiences AND results...

Workspaces unite customer stakeholders, yielding 5x the engagement and unleash opportunity

Workspace for client engagement

Your customers are busy and have high expectations for every meeting and engagement. The role of customer and account success is to partner with customers to ensure confidence with current offerings and aligning value for new opportunities. This continual and collaborative process requires a new way of engagement and enablement for CS teams. 

Centralized and dynamic workspaces

  • On-demand (always available)
  • Two Way - Collaboration and Tools
  • Frictionless and meaningful experiences
  • Secure environments for regulated industries

Internal Teams
External Stakeholders

Customer Collaboration

Modern customers are complex and they have many stakeholders. The key to ensuring satisfaction and areas of growth for the account relies on consistent and meaningful collaboration. Collaboration and alignment can occur on quarterly business reviews, client mutual plans, strategic roadmaps and more. Engage helps orchestrate environments to demonstrate current value and future value via measurable communication and collaboration to unlock account success. 

QBRs and Account Plans

Surveys and Data Collection

Doc and File Sharing

Workflow and Tasks

Report Sharing


As a customers and account leader you are looking for consistency with your team but also not to look cookie cutter. Engage has proven customer engagement processes, modules, and micro experiences to drive scalable engagement.  

  • Proven repeatable processes for customer engagement
  • Seamless integration with popular platforms
  • Measuring the complete client experience (internal/external)
  • Adaptive enablement and engagement science by vertical, role, persona, and more
  • Continuous improvement of processes and engagement





increase in client engagement
for every CS action Engage does 5 more
increase in efficiency in communication and collab

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