ProteusEngage is thrilled to announce the release of Engage Version 6.58, introducing cutting-edge features with the innovative Checklist Builder and Checklist Experience engines for customer onboarding. This milestone not only elevates the client sales handoff, customer onboarding, and launch processes but also sets a new standard for robust engagement and thoughtful customer experiences. The high-level features integrated into this release promise a transformative user experience. Let's delve into the key aspects that make this release a game-changer.

Cohesive Experience:

In crafting the checklist system, our paramount consideration was its seamless integration with all other powerful modules and systems within Engage. In today's dynamic business landscape, customers expect more. Engage delivers a frictionless environment with its Workspace, Modules, Checklists, and Tasks integration, providing a modern and user-friendly experience.

Checklist Builder:

The introduction of the Checklist Builder empowers users to create, save, and template checklists that accurately represent various processes and workflows for customer engagement. This feature enhances efficiency and ensures consistency in task execution.

Checklist Item Builder:

With the Checklist Item Builder, users can create checklist items tailored for data collection, file sharing, videos, and more. This flexibility allows teams to adapt to diverse requirements and ensures tasks are completed effectively.

Templating for Efficiency:

Efficiency and accuracy are paramount in modern business operations. The inclusion of checklist and checklist item templates enables teams to engage with customers effortlessly and effectively, ensuring tasks are completed with precision. This also allows for continuous improvement on all customer interactions

Processes and Tasks Integration:

The checklist system is seamlessly integrated into Engage's task management system. This ensures a cohesive experience, enables efficient follow-ups, and promotes repeatable processes, minimizing the chances of missing opportunities.

Automations and Integrations:

Consistent with all Engage systems, the checklist seamlessly integrates into platform automations and integrations. This includes synchronization with Salesforce, HubSpot, Emails, Messengers, and other Engage omni-channel experiences. This holistic integration enriches the overall user experience.

Comprehensive Reporting:

Effective operations rely on crucial elements such as visibility and operational accountability. Engage excels in consolidating the entire customer experience and accountability elements within a single platform, ensuring thorough reporting. This functionality offers valuable insights into performance, facilitating informed, data-driven decision-making.

Proven Use Cases and Results:

The real value of Engage Version 6.58 is demonstrated through proven use cases and tangible results. Clients who have embraced this release have reported operational efficiencies exceeding 25%, with user engagement increasing by up to 40%. These results underscore the transformative nature of modern onboarding processes.

Use Cases:

  • Onboarding of New Clients: The checklist system streamlines and enhances the onboarding experience for new clients, ensuring a seamless and efficient process.
  • Sales Mutual Action Plans: Engage supports the creation and execution of Sales Mutual Action Plans, fostering collaboration and alignment within sales teams.
  • Professional Services Projects: The checklist system proves invaluable in managing and executing professional services projects with precision.

In conclusion, Engage Version 6.58 marks a significant leap forward in customer engagement and operational excellence. As clients continue to experience tangible improvements, it's evident that modern onboarding is indeed done differently with Engage.

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