Relationships Come From Collaboration

ProteusEngage is a virtual collaboration platform that helps client success and account management teams build relationships, position clients for brand loyalty, and pave the way for cross-selling success. More engagement means more opportunities and that’s at the core of our keep + grow revenue philosophy. 


Create your own cadence for customer touchpoints and automate it in ProteusEngage, or use the templates that are provided from our own client success experts. Either way, it is easy to create and implement a plan for each client and follow it through.


Keep your customers on track during onboarding, or at any stage in their lifecycle, by assigning tasks through the system. Automatically notify managers and others about tasks that are overdue or coming due soon, and alert the whole team when things are completed.

Centralized Workspaces

The ultimate collaboration tool, ProteusEngage workspaces bring your customers and client success teams together in one place to store all communication, important documents, QBRs, monthly reports and more. Never lose track of previous conversations or action items as they are all gathered in one secure setting.

Customer-Centric Sales Tools

From ROI calculators to Joint Action Plans, activate all of your sales tools on the platform and allow your customer to use them as they see fit. Track their engagement and add another data point to their overall health score.

Team Selling

Perhaps your CSMs are not the ones who pitch new products or services to the customers, so you want to bring in the specific client upsell team. Simply add them to the workspace and they can see the history of the conversations and any issues a client has had, without even having to check with the CSM about their status. You can also invite subject matter experts in to shed light on increased value, without having to look at their schedules or include them in meetings.

Marketing and Sharing

Provide easy access to all marketing materials through the ProteusEngage asset library so everything is always on brand. Share new products and services with a click, and use email templates to unify your messaging.

Mutual Action Plans

Customers respond to accountability just like anyone else, so keep everyone moving towards the same goal with Mutual Action Plans (MAPs). MAPs are fully integrated into the ProteusEngage platform and can be editable by both customers and your team to give it a true collaborative feel.


ProteusEngage is built for true customer-centric collaboration. The platform allows for real-time editing and commenting on various file types to give your customer the ultimate buy-in experience. Both your team and your customers are able to share any file type or size with ease to assure everyone has all the information needed to move forward in your relationship.

The Evolution in Relationship-Based Sales

ProteusEngage provides a collaboration platform and a suite of tools to dynamically and virtually build trust, collaborate and align decision makers — in all three critical areas of revenue: new business, onboarding and account growth - in short, helping customers buy. 

Relationship-Based Sales Done Right

Created with feedback from 100s of sales and account leaders.

Deeper Relationships

Deeper Relationships

Relationships are king in B2B sales - create experiences and interactions to build trust, needs discovery, alignment, and deepen the relationship with multiple decision makers.



Proven tools to inspire collaboration with multiple decision makers during the sales process. Help buyers align and build confidence with your product and service offerings.

Seamless Experience

Seamless Experience

When we say seamless, we mean it. Buyers and your sales team easily can communicate, share and build trust in a centralized environment. All activities are synced in ProteusEngage and your preferred CRM.

"Connecting with our enterprise customers and prospects through Proteus enables our sales team to share product information, case studies, videos, proposals, etc -- all within one integrated environment. We like the transparency and accountability we get by having a record of all information shared with a customer, presented in a professional and user-friendly platform."

Tracy, Marketing

What happens before and after your virtual meetings?

Answer: ProteusEngage

ProteusEngage is a collaboration platform that bring individuals from the sales team, account team and buyers into a seamless experience to drive relationships, trust and confidence in complex relationship-based sales.

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Critical Areas of Customer Collaboration

Plays Well with Others

ProteusEngage works with most popular CRMs, Virtual Meeting and Marketing Automation platforms to provide a seamless experience with little lift. Prospects and customers engage in meaningful collaborative relationships to drive success.


Specialists and Guided Adoption

When you partner with ProteusEngage, you get more than licenses and how-to get one of our specialists assigned to your account. Armed with data, research and proven best practices, our team becomes an extension of your team - your success is our success.

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Looking to grow your current client accounts?

ProteusEngage empowers sales and marketing teams to closely align in the creation and activation of successful client growth plans via ProteusEngage workspaces. This targeted and measurable process creates visibility on potential client growth and revenue opportunities while helping to create easily personalized experiences for clients.

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"Great tool to stay connected with prospects and customers - My contacts had gone dark and were not getting back to me as much as usual.  As a sales person this would usually concern me.  Because of ProteusEngage, I could see that they continued to review my information and were still engaging. Come to find out, the client needed to pause for an internal purpose and we are now back and we are finalizing our contract. 

ProteusEngage helped me remain calm, cool and collected - knowing more helps!"

Darren H
Sales Leader - Enterprise Technology Company