Collaboration for the Modern Customer

The world’s first centralized platform to drive collaboration, accountability and overall growth between your client success team and your customers. 

ProteusEngage is the next-generation client success collaboration platform created to supercharge your revenue. ProteusEngage helps customer success leaders monitor, coach and empower their account teams as they build loyal client relationships, and will guide them in fostering cross-sell and up-sell opportunities to maximize impact for your client and your bottomline.
We optimize the most critical areas of your company’s account and revenue management:

  • Relationship-based sales engagement 
  • On-boarding - Make it Smooth, Predictable and Accountable
  • Churn Prevention - Make Client Relationships Transparent, Proactive and Educational
  • Account Growth - Make Up-selling and Cross-selling repeatable and easy via proven playbooks and tools to drive engagement and accountability

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