Are you a natural connector? 

We are. It is our passion, our drive, and our mission. 

Who are we?

Proteus is a pioneer in various different B2B technologies founded in 1993. The ProteusEngage Platform is our flagship solution and is the leading Buyer Enablement Platform for complex B2B sales and account growth. We work with organizations and enterprises who sell technical, complex, or non-commodity solutions B2B. To put in clearer terms, we help buyers buy.  

Our values are: C2G2 PCP


  • Commit to each other, our clients, our cloud platform, our process, and our mission.
  • Create opportunities, relationships and products.
  • Give to our team, our clients and our community.
  • Grow ourselves, our team members and our clients.

We are:

  • Passionate. We always drive for success and see challenges as opportunities.
  • Candid. We have meaningful, real and transparent communication.
  • Positive. We see the glass as half full.

What We Need 

An amazing Sales Development Representative who has the ambition to excel, the maturity to create dialogue with growth companies, the desire to learn, and the personality to mesh well with our current team culture. (See the values above.) 

You will be reaching out to targeted large and growing companies with the goal of educating and creating a dialogue about Buyer Enablement with a Senior member of our team. Some relationships with organizations will be solid and established.  Others will be emerging. Still others will be new. Having confidence, empathy, and the ability to clearly communicate via email, text, phone, and video is a must! 

Specifically, you will help us with: 

  • Sales Outreach: Contacting and qualifying the right opportunities for our Senior Sales members.
  • Relationship Building: The timing of the opportunity is not always now. In that spirit, we want to create and nurture meaningful and mutually profitable relationships for future opportunities.
  • Project Management:  Keeping our database and project management systems (we use Salesforce, Outreach, Gmail, Sales Navigator and of course ProteusEngage) up to date in real-time so we can best track efforts, results, and deliverables.

The basics we need you to bring: 

  • You are positive, outgoing, and have a friendly personality that shines through virtual communication.
  • You enjoy life, find meaning in work, and love winning. Life is short, work should be fun.
  • You are a proactive problem solver. You see a problem and fix it.
  • You are a good person and see others the same way.  You believe life is not a zero-sum game. We can all win.
  • You are psychologically self-employed. You don't need a manager.  You appreciate a leader.
  • You are coachable and want to be part of a winning team. You have a healthy ego and strong drive but don't let it get in your (or the team’s) way.
  • You can balance multiple projects, demands, and quotas.
  • You understand details are important and have been told you have good attention to detail.
  • You are a digital native and feel comfortable with technology.
  • You honor confidentiality, privacy, and loyalty. 

You are a fit if:

  • You are not cynical, pessimistic, or sarcastic. No judgment, but you won't fit.
  • You are not scared of new technology.
  • You want a dynamic environment - we are a fast-growing company in an emerging industry. Roles, systems, and procedures are constantly refined, tested, and improved. We thrive on this. Others cringe at this.
  • We are obsessed with what we do, who we work with, and the value we provide.  As a result, we have a very low employee turnover.

Let's Talk About The Details: 

  • Is Remote Possible - Yes. But must be involved in culture building events and meetings. Travel to base and company trips.
  • Base+
  • Performance Comp Plan
  • Health Insurance
  • 401K with company matching
  • PTO and Wellness program
  • Cultural Activities
  • Much much more... 

Life is either HECK YES or no: 

If you read this far and said "HECK YES", then please apply for this position: 

Email us your resume at