The end-user may not be the buyer making the decisions in the company. While customer enablement has empowered the product or service users, forgetting to transform value for the buyer could result in failing to maintain important relationships.

Today, we’re all about sales enablement for the modern buyer - buyer enablement. Startup mentor, Joey Knecht, advocates for engaging with the buyers within an organization. With the shift in the b2b buying environment, maybe you’ve dropped the ball in maintaining those connections. If so, how do you pivot to create a process that not only drives growth but leads to new business for your company? 

Say goodbye to sales enablement and hello to buyer enablement by tuning in to this episode!

We’ll be talking about:

  • A brief introduction on Joey and Proteus [01:45]
  • The journey towards becoming an advocate for buyer enablement [03:33]
  • The product is always pivoting and morphing [07:50]
  • Maintain long-term relationships by justifying your value to the buyer [11:34]
  • Invest in client success early on [15:21]
  • Stay in your lane and own what you do well [19:14]
  • The big secret sauce of expanding beyond your network [27:41]
  • Non-traditional tactics for growing the business [32:33]
  • Your role is to help the buyer solve their problem [37:34] 
  • What’s next for Joey [43:12] 
  • The one thing Joey recommends [45:06]

About Proteus Engage

The ProteusEngage sales enablement platform was designed by sales industry leaders who struggled with complex new business development and current client cross-sell success. ProteusEngage is different from any other sales enablement platform on the market as we leverage a buyer first methodology powered by proven Industry Prescriptions. ProteusEngage's one of a kind Workspaces drive engagement, collaboration, consistency and communication - driving relationships and revenue success.

Proteus Team

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We at Proteus have developed relationships with multiple leaders from a variety of different industries, product, and service types. From these conversations, we've gathered some great insights.