Sales has changed. 

Buyers are more informed than ever. Sales cycles (especially business to business - B2B) are complex, lengthy and high-stakes. The market is saturated with start-ups and large orgs with even larger budgets with one goal of outpacing you. And on top of an already chaotic environment, COVID-19 threw the business world our biggest curveballs yet. 

It’s time for a new sales team. Get ready to meet them. 

OLD SALES says that large on-the-road teams are effective. 
...but NEW SALES knows there’s a better way. 

Your new sales team embraces digital. Remember when COVID first hit and the sales world scrambled to digitize their approach? Well, the buyer loved it and things definitely aren’t going back. Your old sales team was on the road. They scheduled phone meetings and took prospects out for drinks. But your new sales team knows there’s a better way. They meet buyers where they want to be—online. They offer information and tools that are useful and drive sales forward. Above all, their actions are precise and they close sales without wasting any time with TSA.  

OLD SALES believes longer sales cycles are the way to close deals. 
….but NEW SALES knows efficient strategies are key to closing the gap sooner. 

Old sales believes the key to complex sales is taking the time to build close relationships. But traditionally, that strategy can take upwards of nine months to a year. New sales hasn’t abandoned the idea of relationships, but it believes they can be built sooner and more efficiently. For your new team, sales cycles hover around the six month mark. How? By working smarter. Strategies and plays that are proven to move the needle forward and are automated to help your sales team work more efficiently, close deals sooner.  

OLD SALES operate with lumpy bookings, slow forecasts and low visibility on the team’s progress. 
….but NEW SALES sees steady growth, consistent forecast and high visibility. 

New sales requires efficient strategies to boost growth, consistency and visibility. To help automate the process, the new team works against proven actions (or sales plays) strategically placed along plotted turns in the customer journey. Since it’s all digital, you can measure how those plays are doing. The process simplifies the sales journey and customer growth for your team. Plus, it fosters incredible visibility and forecast. Cold leads get dropped more efficiently. Hot leads move forward more quickly. 

OLD SALES remains focused on the sales team. 
...but NEW SALES knows the key to increased revenue is to stay focused on a new, Millennial buyer. 

While your old team is concentrating all their time on sales pitches, your new sales team has embraced buyer enablement strategies that put the buyer directly in the driver’s seat. Millennials are now the largest generation in the workforce. Do Millennials like listening to sales voicemails or going to dinner with sales reps? No, they do not. Millennials come prepared. Before even speaking to you, they know your product, they know your competitors, they’ve done their research. Meet these new buyers where they are by providing useful tools and information they can digest digitally on their own time. 

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It’s time to say hello to a new way of running sales. Your new sales steam is efficient and effective. They’ve embraced the digital landscape and work against proven sales journeys to move the needle and increase revenue. And who doesn’t love the sound of that?! For more ideas on how to get your new sales team where they need to be, check out this and this.

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