Businesses are steadily adding more and more customer-facing teams. There’s no longer just one customer support contact. Instead, there are teams dealing with support, account management, renewals, professional services, and client success, just to name a few.

While this is a necessary step towards meeting all customer needs, this structure presents some new issues for teams to address.  

The Challenge of Having Many Customer-Facing Teams

Having more than one customer-facing team ensures that all clients' needs are timely and effectively addressed. That said, without the right processes, these multiple contact points can lead to a number of problems including inefficient communication, duplicative work, overlooked tasks, and confusion. Unfortunately, all of these issues can result in poor customer experience and inefficient use of resources resulting in frustrated customers and frustrated employees. 

The Solution: a Customer Hub

The solution to this all-too-common problem is a customer hub. With so many moving parts, businesses need a hub where all teams can communicate and collaborate in one space. Ideally, this hub would result in: 

  • Continuous not Transactional relationships
  • Processes to drive engagement
  • Easy cross-collaboration between teams. 
  • Clear systems for how teams communicate and work with one another. 
  • Reducing duplication of work across teams. 

The bottom line is that a customer hub is the best way for organizations to have more efficient systems that directly lead to better customer outcomes. 

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Joseph Knecht

Post by Joseph Knecht

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