As a company, Proteus has always valued our passionate and creative team members as part of our company values. To exercise this, we decided to implement a challenge called #saastank. A play on the popular ABC series “Shark Tank” where budding entrepreneurs present their business ideas to wealthy investors for a chance to have their ideas become mainstream products. 

In our #saastank, each Proteus employee had to create a concept for a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product. The rules were fairly simple. It could be any kind of software and any kind of service. The challenge was to find something that doesn’t already exist or concepts that have been initiated, but not perfected. 

Each employee had a few minutes to pitch the concept to the entire team. Afterwards, everyone was allotted “$100” investment money to disperse among the concepts they believe were the best. At the end, the top two employees that received the most investment dollars would receive a prize. 

The winner: Farm RITE (Reliable Intelligent Tactical Earnings)

The problem with big business, comes the need for big tools. It takes many elements to run a successful farm production. Farmers have acres upon acres of land to seed, feed, and keep track of. This centralized system would house data to map out the land, store care/maintenance information and send notifications and alerts, all while keeping track of the numbers for the books.  

Second Place: Share Coach

The problem with hiring one-on-one coaches is that it tends to be expensive. But if you had multiple people wanting to learn the same skill, why not share both the coach and the cost. Collaborate with community members and create an environment of learning. Discover what skills gain the most interest to learn, hire the coach in a group setting and capitalize on the savings. 

Third Place: A La Carte TV

The problem with TV today is that it simply costs too much. You get a ton of extra channels that you won’t ever watch, but these channels are still included in your package. Online TV providers such as Hulu Live TV and Sling TV still package these channels, but for less than a cable or Dish company. A La Carte TV is a concept of selecting the channels you want to watch and pay for only the channels you want as a less expensive option.

We are always dedicated to providing continued innovation for our clients. This activity helped grow that passion by, not only challenging the employees creatively, but also allowing us to utilize the minds and experiences of all our team members. The exercise helped conceptualize success in our current product development as well as foster innovation. 


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