Las Vegas October 11, 2018 is the date ProteusEngage’s manifesto of buyer enablement was validated by experts from Gartner. In this abbreviated article “Tap Into the Latest Enablement Tools to Unlock Sales Performance” the summary of the most clearly articulated case for ProteusEngage was made from the mainstage at Gartner’s Sales & Marketing Conference.

If you have been following along in our blogs or the changes in the sales industry in general -- the buyer has the power. They demand a personalized approach to information, they seek purchasing information on their terms, and they come to the seller better informed and very committed to their process of making a buying decision.

In the past, leaders had sought out technology, resources, and training for adding skills and abilities to their sales team to shape the sales process and get the client to sign on the dotted line. Buyers have largely ignored or scoffed at this and demanded the sales process be on their terms through their preferred path(s).

So who wins this tug of war? Who is stronger, wiser, and more skilled? If the sales team can just get up to speed and put its best foot forward, they can win the day right? It’s like dancing and the sales professional is leading, right? But the buyers are not budging and are telling us they will not submit. They will lead. Through their journey on their terms. And those who can appease the buyers will be the ones who are victorious.

Another article from the Gartner conference, articulates what the buyer needs to get done, on their terms. These referenced “jobs-to-be-done framework” is a wonderful summation of the types of information needed to check the boxes off of each of these duties. Those companies who enable the buyer to do their jobs best will win the purchase.

So what does this mean? By succumbing to the inevitable, and turning sales enablement on its head and developing a process, backed by technology to develop a buyer enablement process.

“Buyer enablement is, in essence, the next evolution of sales enablement”

Melissa Hilbert, research director at Gartner spoke from the stage.

Melissa, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves. We thank Gartner for creating visibility of this new age of B2B selling. This is the premise and vision ProteusEngage has had for over the last two years by listening to execs, buyers and changing the game.

While 71% of executives polled said they had plans to roll out sales enablement tools in the next 24 months. We’re happy to say that Sales Enablement 2.0 (Buyer Enablement) is alive and well and ready for your deployment.

Check out a brief demo video to see for yourself, or grab a time for us to chat about how we can help.

About Proteus Engage

The ProteusEngage sales enablement platform was designed by sales industry leaders who struggled with complex new business development and current client cross-sell success. ProteusEngage is different from any other sales enablement platform on the market as we leverage a buyer first methodology powered by proven Industry Prescriptions. ProteusEngage's one of a kind Workspaces drive engagement, collaboration, consistency and communication - driving relationships and revenue success.

Joseph Knecht

Post by Joseph Knecht

Joseph Knecht is the CEO at Proteus and loves to cover the topics of buyer enablement, sales, entrepreneurship, and digital transformation.