The Evolution of Modern Customer Onboarding

Customer onboarding is no longer an isolated process. Nowadays, team members from sales, leadership, onboarding, customer success, SMEs, and other departments are often involved in the final 25% of the sales process. This intricate web of stakeholders demands a modern, connected experience to ensure success and manage risk. 


Onboarding processes face risks and roadblocks due to silos, inefficient internal and external processes, lack of collaboration, poor communication, and limited visibility with the customer. If this sounds familiar, you're not alone. These challenges can take many forms, from issues with creating smooth, swift, successful handoffs to lack of reporting, visibility, and accountability.


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Revolutionizing Customer Onboarding with Centralized Digital Environments

In the digital age, providing a seamless and impactful customer onboarding experience is crucial for business success. Engage offers a solution with its advanced digital Workspaces, designed to centralize and streamline the onboarding process. These customer-facing environments are tailored to foster consistent communication and collaboration, making them a key asset for any organization aiming to improve their customer engagement and operational efficiency.

Framework image of a workspace, featuring conversation groups, team members, and the main contact feed

Transforming Onboarding with Engage Workspaces

Engage’s digital Workspaces are not just about providing a space for interaction; they are about creating a personalized, scalable, and repeatable environment that enhances the onboarding experience. By automating the creation of these spaces, Engage ensures that each customer interaction is personalized and consistent, supporting scalability and precision in your onboarding processes.

Addressing the Core Challenges of Customer Onboarding

Many organizations face significant challenges in maintaining consistency and measuring success during the customer onboarding process. The primary issue often lies in the lack of a repeatable and scalable framework that can adapt to various customer needs and volumes. Engage’s digital Workspaces directly address these challenges by offering a meaningful, actionable, and centralized platform that simplifies the onboarding process and enhances the customer journey.

Features and Benefits of Engage Workspaces

Engage Workspaces are equipped with a suite of features designed to optimize customer interaction and streamline onboarding processes:

  • Branded Corporate Experience: Customize workspaces to reflect your brand, creating a familiar and professional environment for your customers.

  • Centralized Workspace Experience: Centralize all necessary onboarding activities in one place, from file sharing to communication, ensuring easy access and consistent experience.

  • Proven Modules: Utilize Engage’s proven modules to enhance sharing, communication, and onboarding effectiveness.

  • Comprehensive Sharing Tools: Share files and videos easily within the workspace, supporting a dynamic and informative onboarding process.

  • Interactive Checklists and Surveys: Implement checklists and surveys to collect data, gauge progress, and ensure all necessary steps are completed.

  • Efficient Process Execution and Task Management: Streamline process execution and manage tasks efficiently to keep the onboarding process on track.

  • Secure and Easy Access: Provide a secure yet easy-to-navigate environment for customers, requiring no prior training.

  • Open Architecture and Extensive Integrations: Ensure flexibility with an open architecture that integrates seamlessly with popular CRMs like Salesforce and Hubspot, as well as Single Sign-On capabilities including SAML and Google.

  • Advanced Reporting and Analytics: Gain valuable insights into your onboarding processes to continually refine and improve strategies.

Elevate Your Onboarding Experience

Engage Workspaces are designed to transform the way organizations onboard new customers. By integrating these sophisticated environments into your strategy, you can ensure a smoother, more efficient, and highly personalized customer journey. Engage not only simplifies the onboarding process but elevates it, making it a strategic advantage for your business.

Choose Engage Workspaces for a revolutionized onboarding experience that drives customer satisfaction and achieves your business goals through enhanced communication, collaboration, and efficiency.

Empower Your Onboarding with Engage's Proven Modules and Tools

In the fast-evolving business landscape, providing a seamless and impactful customer onboarding experience is crucial. Engage’s innovative suite of modules and tools is designed to ensure that every stage of the customer onboarding process is engaging, communicative, and perfectly aligned with the needs of modern companies and their customers.

Image shows the "Add Module" UI for a Workspace

Revolutionizing Onboarding with Engage

Engage’s platform was born out of a clear need within the industry for a structured, repeatable, and effective onboarding process. Many companies face significant challenges when integrating new customers, from miscommunication to a lack of proper engagement strategies. Engage tackles these issues head-on with its state-of-the-art workspace and module architecture, ensuring that your onboarding process is not just functional but a benchmark for success.

Addressing Key Onboarding Challenges

The genesis of Engage was inspired by the struggles many organizations encounter while trying to successfully onboard new customers. Recognizing that the onboarding process needs to be repeatable, measurable, and optimized for customer satisfaction, Engage has developed a range of tools and modules designed to simplify and enhance the customer journey from the initial contact through full integration.

Features That Set Engage Apart

Engage offers an ecosystem of modules that integrate seamlessly with its workspace environment, providing unmatched engagement, accountability, and efficiency. Below are some of the key features and benefits that Engage brings to your onboarding process:

  • Sales Handoff Process: Ensures smooth transitions from sales to onboarding teams with structured handoff protocols.

  • Team Intros and Bios: Personalizes the experience by introducing your team members to build trust and familiarity.

  • Meeting Recaps: Keeps all parties informed and aligned with summaries of key discussions and decisions.

  • Two-way File Sharing: Facilitates easy exchange of documents, enhancing collaboration.

  • Customer Data Collection: Utilizes forms and surveys to gather essential information, helping tailor the onboarding experience to meet specific needs.

  • Checklist System: Provides a structured approach to execute processes meticulously.

  • Tasks and Reminders: Ensures critical milestones are met on time.

  • Document Collaboration: Supports real-time collaboration on documents, including Office files.

  • Marketing and Product Content Delivery: Shares relevant content to educate and engage customers.

  • Video Delivery and Calendaring: Enhances interaction through multimedia content delivery and easy scheduling.

  • Third-Party Widgets: Integrates additional tools and reports for enhanced functionality.

  • Training Modules: Offers on-demand training resources to accelerate learning and adaptation.

By leveraging Engage’s comprehensive suite of tools, your onboarding process becomes a strategic advantage, driving customer satisfaction and retention. These tools not only make the onboarding process smoother and more enjoyable for customers but also equip your team with the necessary resources to execute their roles efficiently.

Elevate Your Onboarding Strategy with Engage

Engage transforms the complexity of customer onboarding into a streamlined, enjoyable process that delivers results. With Engage, you can ensure that every customer interaction is productive, informative, and perfectly aligned with their needs. Step into the future of customer onboarding with Engage, where every feature is designed to enhance your success and your customers' satisfaction.

Revolutionize Digital Engagement with Engage's Workspace Groups and Contact Access Controls

In today’s digital age, the key to onboarding success lies in creating an environment that not only simplifies engagement but also targets specific customer personas to drive meaningful interactions. Engage masterfully balances advanced workspaces, groups, and modules to offer a level of targeted engagement that results in delightful customer experiences without any hassle.

Image shows a workspace with the Conversation Groups and Team Contacts highlighted

Simplifying Digital Engagement

Engage is designed to simplify the complex landscape of digital engagement. By providing intuitive workspaces and access controls, Engage allows teams to efficiently manage interactions across various customer segments. The platform's 'secret sauce' is its ability to deliver highly personalized experiences effortlessly, ensuring customer satisfaction with minimal fuss.

Addressing Modern Onboarding Challenges

One significant challenge in modern customer onboarding is the need to engage multiple stakeholders across a customer’s organization. Often referred to as "herding cats," this process can be cumbersome and inefficient when relying solely on emails, basic tools, or excessive update meetings. Engage's groups and labels system tackles this head-on by streamlining communication and ensuring that every stakeholder receives the information and updates they need, exactly when they need them.

Features That Foster Success

Engage's groups and contact access controls come with a plethora of features that facilitate a seamless and efficient onboarding experience:

  • Custom Experiences Without the Hassle: Tailor experiences specifically to meet the needs of different customer personas, enhancing satisfaction and engagement.

  • Meeting Customers Where They Are: Engage makes it easier for customers to interact with your onboarding process by adapting to their preferred methods of communication and interaction.

  • Customer User Type Controls: Guide customers through the onboarding process with controls that help them succeed by presenting the right information at the right time.

  • Group-Level Access Control: Share necessary information more broadly within customer organizations without compromising security or relevance.

  • Automations Based on Roles: Streamline processes with automations that are triggered by specific roles within the customer's team, ensuring that tasks are completed efficiently.

  • Analytics by Role: Gain insights into how different roles within the customer organization interact with your onboarding process, allowing for continuous improvement and personalization.

By implementing Engage's sophisticated workspace groups and contact access controls, you not only enhance the efficiency of your onboarding process but also ensure that each customer interaction is meaningful and personalized. These tools enable your team to deliver targeted, effective content and interactions, making the onboarding process a smooth and enjoyable journey for every stakeholder involved.

Elevate your digital engagement strategy with Engage. With our advanced features, you can transform the onboarding experience from a cumbersome necessity into a strategic advantage that drives satisfaction and success.

Transform Your Customer Onboarding with Engage's Comprehensive Checklist and Task System

Effective customer onboarding hinges on precise coordination and clear communication—two elements that are often easier said than done. With Engage's innovative Checklist and Task System, your organization can overcome these hurdles by providing a structured, engaging, and transparent onboarding experience for all parties involved. This system not only simplifies the process but ensures every stakeholder is aligned, from start to finish.

Image shows UI Concepts for a Checklist Template Builder and for an actual Checklist targeted for Onboarding items and milestones

The Heart of Successful Onboarding

At the core of Engage's philosophy is the recognition that successful customer onboarding is about more than just ticking boxes—it's about guiding new stakeholders through a well-defined process that manages expectations and addresses concerns proactively. While 80% of onboarding challenges stem from poor communication and mismanaged expectations, Engage's combination of Checklists, Tasks, and Modules creates an environment where visibility, accountability, and repeatability are paramount.

Overcoming Onboarding Challenges with Engage

Many organizations recognize the need for a structured onboarding process but often find that their existing systems fall short in bringing this process to life. Engage's fully integrated checklist and task system was developed in response to this need. By seamlessly integrating with Engage’s workspace, groups, and workflow automations, it ensures a consistent and dynamic experience that keeps both customers and teams engaged and informed every step of the way.

Features That Empower and Deliver

Engage’s Checklist and Task System comes packed with features designed to optimize the onboarding process and enhance collaboration:

  • Repeatable Model and Execution: Standardize your onboarding with templates that can be customized for different customer types or products, ensuring consistency and quality.

  • Comprehensive Checklist Library: Access a wide array of checklists tailored to various phases of your process, each designed to match specific customer needs and product specifications.

  • Advanced Integration Capabilities: Features like file sharing, data collection, forms, and commenting are integrated directly into checklist items, enhancing interaction and record-keeping.

  • Collaborative Tasks: Facilitate multi-person collaboration with integrated tasks that ensure all stakeholders can contribute to and finalize critical steps.

  • Automated Reminders and Alerts: Keep everyone on schedule with automated notifications that help prevent oversights and delays.

  • Dual Utility: Designed for both internal team collaboration and external customer engagement, ensuring versatility across different use cases.

  • Enhanced Operational Reporting and Analytics: Monitor and analyze the effectiveness of your onboarding process to continuously improve and adapt strategies.

By implementing Engage's Checklist and Task System, you not only streamline your customer onboarding process but also elevate the overall experience. This system ensures that every interaction and task is executed flawlessly, maintaining a high level of engagement and satisfaction.

Elevate your onboarding process with Engage. Our robust checklist and task system transforms the mundane into the dynamic, ensuring that every customer journey starts on the right foot and continues smoothly until success. Experience the power of structured processes and succeed in the face of onboarding challenges with Engage.

Elevate Your Customer Onboarding with Engage's Intelligent Automations

In the dynamic world of customer onboarding, efficiency and accuracy are paramount. Engage introduces an advanced suite of intelligent automations designed to streamline the onboarding process, enhancing communication and collaboration while ensuring no detail is overlooked. This powerful tool is engineered to support your team by automating essential tasks and alerts, thereby facilitating a seamless transition for new customers.

Image shows UI images for: building automated triggers, viewing a checklist, and viewing a task list

Intelligent Automations: The Backbone of Efficient Onboarding

Engage is built around the core philosophy that the platform should work harder so your team doesn’t have to. By integrating intelligent automations into the heart of the onboarding process, Engage reduces the workload for onboarding reps, allowing them to focus on what truly matters—building strong customer relationships. The platform is meticulously designed to automatically manage critical touchpoints and follow-ups, ensuring that each step of the onboarding process is executed flawlessly.

Solving Onboarding Challenges with Smart Technology

One of the biggest challenges in customer onboarding is maintaining a consistent and timely flow of communication and task management. Engage addresses these issues head-on. Our approach ensures that for every task an onboarding rep completes, Engage performs ten more in the background. This level of automation speeds up the process, reduces the potential for human error, and significantly enhances the overall efficiency of the team.

Comprehensive Features for Comprehensive Benefits

Engage's intelligent automation system is equipped with a variety of features that are specifically designed to optimize the onboarding experience:

  • Process Automations: Tailored automations activate based on customer interactions, ensuring relevant and timely actions throughout the onboarding journey.

  • Reminder Automation: Automated reminders keep crucial deadlines top of mind, helping teams manage their tasks more effectively.

  • Escalation Alerts: Managers receive automated alerts if issues arise, enabling quick resolution and continuous progress.

  • Communication Automation: Streamline communication with pre-set messaging that responds instantly to common customer queries and updates.

  • Alerts on Downloads and Views: Receive notifications when documents are accessed, providing insights into customer engagement and interest.

  • Checklist and Task Alerts: Automated alerts ensure that every task and checklist item is accounted for, leaving no stone unturned.

  • Automatic Publishing: Relevant content is published automatically, keeping the process moving without manual intervention.

By harnessing these powerful features, Engage not only simplifies the onboarding process but also transforms it into a strategic advantage for your business. Our intelligent automations ensure that each phase of customer onboarding is monitored, managed, and optimized for success.

Transform your customer onboarding experience with Engage. Our intelligent automations empower your team to excel by doing more with less, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional customer service while we handle the complexities of process management. With Engage, propel your team to new heights of productivity and redefine the efficiency of customer onboarding.

Revolutionize Your Customer Onboarding with Engage's Seamless Communication Solutions

In today’s fast-paced business environment, effective communication and collaboration are the cornerstones of any successful customer onboarding process. Engage is meticulously designed to address these critical elements by providing a centralized and up-to-date platform that enhances interactions among all stakeholders involved in the onboarding journey. Through our innovative approach, Engage combats common industry challenges, optimizing the onboarding process to be more efficient, engaging, and aligned with your existing tools.

Image shows management UIs for types of notifications, and notification timings, as well as preferred/connected notification channels like Teams, Gmail, and Slack

Enhancing Communication: The Heart of Successful Onboarding

The Engage platform transforms the way teams communicate during the customer onboarding process. Recognizing the pitfalls of traditional methods, such as disjointed emails and inconsistent updates, Engage integrates seamlessly into your existing workflow, thereby reducing tool fatigue and fostering a more streamlined environment. Our platform ensures that all stakeholders have access to a current, centralized hub for onboarding progress, making every step transparent and actionable.

Tackling the Onboarding Challenges Head-On

One of the most significant barriers to effective customer onboarding is the reliance on inefficient communication practices, like using emails as a makeshift process engine. This often leads to a fragmented environment where miscommunications are common and progress is hard to track. Engage addresses these issues directly by enhancing visibility and ensuring continuous, consistent communication. This not only eliminates inefficiencies but also significantly improves the onboarding experience for both your team and your customers.

Features That Drive Onboarding Success

Engage is equipped with a robust set of features designed to simplify and enhance every aspect of the customer onboarding process:

  • Module Templates: Streamline processes with customizable templates that can be adapted to fit any onboarding scenario.

  • Email Templates: Save time and maintain consistency with pre-designed email communications.

  • Automations and Workflows: Automate routine tasks and workflows to focus on strategic activities and reduce human error.

  • Activity Alerts: Stay informed with real-time notifications about important onboarding activities.

  • Tasks and Reminders: Keep everyone on track with integrated tasks and reminders that ensure no step is overlooked.

  • Checklist Items: Guarantee thoroughness with detailed checklists that help track the completion of all necessary actions.

  • Integrated Communication Tools: Seamlessly connect with tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Gmail, and Outlook to keep conversations fluid and accessible across all platforms.

By leveraging these features, Engage not only enhances the efficiency of your onboarding process but also elevates the overall customer experience. It’s more than just a platform; it's a comprehensive solution that integrates into your existing ecosystem, making your onboarding process faster, more engaging, and above all, more effective.

Transform your customer onboarding with Engage and turn every customer interaction into an opportunity for success. Experience the power of seamless communication and robust integration to streamline your processes and drive satisfaction. With Engage, elevate your onboarding to new heights and set a new standard in customer engagement.

The Power of Performance Insights

Engage isn't just another tool; it's a performance revelation. By creating customer-facing workspaces, Engage centralizes the onboarding experience, making it measurable and more effective. These workspaces host what we call “engagement events,” which are pivotal in automating experiences and generating insightful reports. This level of automation and reporting provides end-to-end visibility on representative and contact engagement, offering teams a clear and comprehensive view of the entire customer onboarding journey. The result? A process that is not only efficient but also transparent and under control.

Image shows charts for the engagement time, type, and drilldowns for a Workspace

Overcoming Onboarding Challenges

One of the most significant hurdles in customer onboarding is the lack of visibility into the progress of customer integrations. When teams operate in silos, using disparate systems and relying heavily on inefficient communication like emails, the outcome is often a poorly performing team. This lack of coordination can lead to decreased customer satisfaction and, more critically, a higher risk of customer churn.

Engage tackles these issues head-on by providing a centralized platform where all communications and tasks are visible and manageable. This centralized approach ensures that everyone involved in the onboarding process is on the same page, reducing errors, and accelerating the completion of onboarding tasks.

Comprehensive Features for Comprehensive Benefits

Engage offers a suite of features designed to address every aspect of the customer onboarding process:

  • Rep/User Reporting: Track individual or team performances with detailed reports that highlight strengths and areas for improvement.

  • Admin Reporting: Gives managers and administrators a bird's-eye view of the onboarding landscape, enabling strategic decision-making.

  • Onboarding Progress Reports: Monitor the real-time progress of customer onboarding, ensuring any deviations are promptly addressed.

  • Task Reporting: Get detailed insights into task completion rates and durations to optimize workflows and resource allocation.

  • Checklist Reporting: Ensure all necessary steps are completed with comprehensive checklist features, enhancing accountability and precision.

  • Operational and Capacity Reporting: Understand the operational capabilities and limitations of your team, enabling better resource management and planning.

Engage is not just a tool; it’s a strategic partner in your onboarding endeavors. By integrating Engage into your customer onboarding strategy, you can expect not only to meet but exceed your operational goals, driving higher customer satisfaction and retention. Transform your customer onboarding from a potential liability into one of your strongest assets with Engage. Discover the difference visibility makes and take your team's performance to new heights.

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