Revenue and account leaders face the challenge of getting customers to attend customer success review meetings. To address this, many are adopting a blended strategy called SARNEW, which combines Strategic Account Reviews (SARs) with customer renewals.

What is SARNEW?

SARNEW stands for Strategic Account Review + Renewal. This unique and scalable approach creates an environment for stakeholders to review historical value and identify future opportunities. By merging SARs with renewal discussions, teams can showcase the value delivered to customers over time and outline a clear path for future success.

This blended strategy optimizes customer success and renewal teams by enhancing their ability to execute processes and engage with customers. The goal is to build stronger relationships, reduce churn, and drive new opportunities. Here’s how SARNEW achieves this:

  1. Historical Value Review: By discussing past achievements and the value provided, teams can reinforce the importance of their product or service. This helps customers see the tangible benefits and reinforces their commitment.

  2. Future Opportunities: Identifying potential growth areas and new opportunities during the review process keeps customers engaged and excited about the continued partnership.

  3. Process Optimization: SARNEW improves the efficiency of customer success and renewal teams by streamlining their processes. This allows them to be more effective in their roles and better support customers.

  4. Customer Engagement: Combining SARs with renewals encourages more meaningful interactions with customers. This integrated approach ensures that customer needs and concerns are addressed promptly and comprehensively.

By adopting SARNEW, companies can create a more engaging and productive environment for customer success reviews and renewals. This not only strengthens customer relationships but also helps in reducing churn and identifying new business opportunities. SARNEW is the key to achieving a more sustainable and successful customer engagement strategy.