LINCOLN, NE, UNITED STATES, February 7, 2023 / Proteus, a collaborative solutions company, today announced its annual completion of its Type 2 SOC 2 audit for Proteus Engage in December 2022 as it continues to provide secure systems to its users. 
The SOC 2 audit was conducted by A-LIGN, a technology-enabled leading compliance partner trusted by over 2500 global organizations to mitigate cybersecurity risks. 
“We understand that cybersecurity is a major issue in the world of technology. With the SOC2 audit, we can continue to guarantee the utmost of safety on an internal and external level. Clients can feel confident that their information will be protected when dealing with our company and using our collaborative tools and processes,” stated Proteus CEO Joseph Knecht.
The SOC2 examination is designed for organizations of all sizes across all industries and scopes. It was established by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) to ensure sensitive client information will be protected. SOC 2 reports are recognized globally and confirm that a company’s team, software, infrastructure, data, policies, operations, and procedures exceed standards. 
“A SOC 2 audit is a statement about an organization’s commitment to protecting their information,” said Stephanie Oyler-Rankin, SOC Practice Lead at A-LIGN. “As a trusted third-party assessment firm, A-LIGN independently evaluates client data processes and procedures, governance on internal controls and security posture. The Engage SOC 2 report validates its commitment to data security and protection, as well as compliance with critical standards to mitigate cybersecurity threats.”
Optional section - Engage will undergo an SOC 2 assessment annually. The report will be available to current and potential customers upon execution of a non-disclosure agreement. If you are interested in viewing the Engage SOC 2 report, please contact Sales at 
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