The Engage platform continues to evolve launching its new version 6.15 with OnlyOffice integration. It will make it easier for users to collaborate on documents, files, spreadsheets, presentations and more. It is seamlessly embedded in the Engage platform to further improve the workspace experience. 

“Interoperability is a must for teams to effectively communicate and collaborate. Our OnlyOffice and other integrations make Engage seamless from all aspects of the relationship – real time, easy and scalable,” says Director & Engineering Leader, Ken Logan at Engage.

The OnlyOffice platform will solve common issues B2B businesses face including the organization of communication and collaboration regarding file sharing, onboarding, customer service, projects and more. Its unique digital workspace and tools facilitate communication and collaboration while seamlessly synching to your CRM. It integrates with Slack and Microsoft Teams messaging and email systems to provide a truly connected experience. 

The system ties to the existing Engage Intelliflowz to automate processes, workflows, and tasks. Additional features include: 

  •  Multiple Editors
  • Commenting
  • Strikethrough
  • Versioning
  • Internal and external access
  • Salesforce Native app for access

“This is the evolution of client feedback and desiring a more collaborative environment,” says Client Success Manager, Jennifer Theune at Engage. 

The launch of 6.15 and OnlyOffice marks a new era for Engage. It takes client feedback to the next level creating a more collaborative environment. It will facilitate customer success making it an integral tool for company growth. 

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