Organizations are constantly evolving. The intake/outflow of employees is higher than ever as industries increase in competition, market shifts, and virtual work. As a result, companies are always looking for the next great candidate to join their team.

The candidate recruitment process boils down to two key phases. Finding the right candidates who are well suited for a role in your organization and engaging those clients so they will want to join your organization.

The market is extremely competitive. Now that companies are recruiting on a more consistent basis, candidates have more options than ever. This puts pressure on recruiters to do more with less. 

While there are many tools out there to help recruiters find the right candidates, once you find them, how do you engage them the right way, on their terms to differentiate your company from the hundreds of others? 

The next level of candidate recruitment requires personalized, guided experiences and interactive tools for self navigation and alignment. Candidate expectations have changed. Rich, meaningful engagement is what your candidates want. 

Our product, Engage, is used for talent engagement with candidate facing workspaces to communicate, collaborate and create transparency for executing the recruitment process. With Engage, recruiters can share information and resources with their target candidates to help align the mission, vision and values of your organization. In addition, Engage also helps provide a seamless transition from your recruitment team to your internal onboarding team

Remember, the recruitment process is a recruiters first impression. Candidates want to feel like they would be a valued member of your team. This requires recruiters to not only communicate on their terms, but also build relationships and trust. Engage can help. Schedule a call with us today to discover our tool for talent engagement and help those candidates choose you. 

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