Next evolution of Sales Enablement, Buyer Enablement.

Engage provides purchasing portals to build trust, collaborate, solution match, and help buyers make confident decisions. 


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"Buyer enablement is, in essence, the next evolution of sales enablement. It provides both the 'what' and the 'how' through prescriptive advice and practical support"

- Melissa Hilbert, Research Director at Gartner

Top 6 Ways ProteusEngage helps sales leaders sell more, faster:



Create the ideal buyer experience. Assure that your message, offerings, and brand advantage are delivered flawlessly every time from first impression to subsequent purchases.



Increased engagement drive more sales. Engage creates personalized collaborative experiences at scale to partner with buyers and help them make confident purchase decisions.

Efficient Education

Efficient Education

As more people join the conversation, roles change, or stakeholders swap out, Engage educates multiple decision makers on the opportunity seamlessly.



From sales team adoption, deployment of portals, to moving through the entire buyer’s journey. Move prospects from qualified to closed faster than ever before.

Improve cross selling

Improve cross selling

Increase the Lifetime Value of a Buyer by going deeper and wider. Engage on multiple opportunities by using other proven buyer archetypes to activate the relationship deeper

Process Visibility

Process Visibility

Where are we really at with this buyer, how is our sales process working, what additional resources do we need? These questions and many others answered with clear line of sight.

Could you benefit from 2 or more of these themes?

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Fit - Where in your Vision and Environment:

  • CRM - we play well with others. Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and many others are all enhanced with Engage
  • Lead Generation - you determine whom you want to begin the buyer’s journey with, let Engage take it from there
  • Marketing Automation - there are many wonderful inbound and outbound sales and marketing automation tools, we take leads from these sources and create personalized buyer purchasing portals
  • Another company website - while you may leverage existing content from your corporate site, here again personalization and a proven sales methodology hones in to the buyer’s specific needs and takes them to completed transaction  
  • A Sales system - we assume you have a sales system, we leverage yours to shape the buyer’s experience and deploy against our proven sales execution prescriptions
  • A heavy lift - all perceived barriers of cost, marketing collateral, technology integrations, dedicated resources, etc are all nominal or absent. The ROI is seismic. If you are serious about sales, get serious with ProteusEngage



Proteus Engage - Personalized Messaging

Buyer/Customer Engagement

ProteusEngage provides a digital bridge between the sales representative and the buyer. These engagement portals drive collaboration and guide the potential customer through your best sales process. Unlock the potential.

  • Private, secure portals
  • Smart content based on archetype and other traits
  • Fosters collaboration
  • Multiple decision-maker visibility
  • Replicate best sales experience
  • Consistent messaging and resonation

Time - Ease of Use and Adoption

ProteusEngage provides sales teams with a highly efficient and automated way to deeply engage prospects and buyers in a personalized and easy to comprehend experience.  

  • Easy for the sales team
  • Targeted and meaningful to your prospects
  • Educate multiple buyers
  • Close deals faster
  • Timely Interaction

Proteus Engage - Timely Communication

Proteus Engage - Visibility and Analytics for Insights

Visibility and Analytics for Driving Insights

ProteusEngage creates a unique environment where data collection, tracking, and mining can provide your business with a wealth of insights. But how do you digest and make sense of all this information and opportunity?

The ProteusEngage team provides clients with the following:

  • ProteusEngage Insight Reports
  • Leadership Reports
  • Active coaching and review
  • ProteusEngage Academy - a community for Engage users sharing ideas and best practices

Plays Well with Others

ProteusEngage was designed to seamlessly work into existing CRMs.

And many other platforms!

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