Are you experiencing...

  • Multiple decision makers - too long of a sales cycle?
  • 90% of the sale is without a member of your team in the room?
  • Lack of consistency of engagement with prospects?
  • Difficulty in creating continuity on sales handovers?
  • Trouble collaborating on files/docs with prospects?
  • No connection with decision makers?
  • Complex sales requiring role specific targeting and sharing?

See how Engage is improving prospect experiences AND results...

Workspaces unite stakeholders, increasing odds of closing sales by 26%.

Digital Prospect Workspace

In sales for consistency and visibility it is all about getting stakeholders (internal and external) on the same page. Engage's prospect facing workspaces create a centralized and organized environment to navigate prospects and decision making teams through your sales process and discovery.

  • Centralized and dynamic workspaces
  • On-demand (always available)
  • Two Way - Collaboration and Tools
  • Frictionless and meaningful experiences

Internal Teams
External Stakeholders

Collaboration and Connected Experiences 

Modern prospects expect more from your sales team. With 75% of the sale completed by the prospect alone, your team needs to shine by aligning the customer problems or opportunities with your product - How? Effective and measurable communication and collaboration to unlock opportunities and drive wins. 

  • Continuous (not transactional)
  • Two-way environment meeting users where they are 
  • Intelliflowz and experiences to drive consistency and engagement

Doc and File Sharing

Direct/Group Messaging

Marketing and Video Assets

Mutual Plans and Tasks

Centralized Workspaces

Repeatable Processes and Analytics

As a sales leader you are looking for consistency with your team but also not cookie cutter. Engage has proven prospect processes and micro experiences to drive engagement.  

  • Proven repeatable processes for prospect engagement
  • Seamless integration with popular platforms
  • Measuring the complete sales experience (internal/external)
  • Deal population learning and continuous benchmarking
  • Adaptive enablement and engagement science by vertical, role, persona, and more
  • Continuous improvement of processes and engagement





increase in prospect engagement
For every rep action Engage does 5 more
increase in efficiency in communication and collab

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Engage provided our team a model and consistent approach to current account upsell and relationship expansion. Our ROI was achieved in only 4 months.

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