B2B complex sales are getting harder every day and this is only being amplified by the number of people required to be part of the complex sales process. This consensus-based approach is a challenge to complex sales leaders because many are required to sell and align the solutions multiple times in order to win. Good news, if you are working in regulated industries, this could be even higher.

Solutions for Making the Complex Sales Cycle More Efficient

  • Centralized Workspace for Stakeholders: All stakeholders should be kept up to date on the complex sales process via a centralized workspace. The workspace should provide personalized insights for everyone involved. It should allow for the sharing of documents and reports so team members can collaborate and add their input as needed. It should disperse valuable information to the group promoting the development of deep relationships that go beyond a single transaction. 
  • Visibility of all Deal Related Information and Alignment Tools: Deal related information and tools on platforms should be visible immediately. It should allow those just joining in to become updated quickly and collaborate in the process. 
  • Better Customer Engagement: Steps must be taken to increase engagement, so stakeholders don’t lose interest in the deal. A centralized platform that keeps them updated will be helpful. Modern customers have access to a ton of information, they need your help to collaborate on a “custom solution” to meet their needs/problems.
  • Establish and equip an Internal Champion: An internal champion will be the person on your team who is keeping track of all interactions and pushing the deal though. However, 90% of decisions will be made when that person is not in the room. The right tools will ensure he or she is up on the latest so they can keep everyone in the loop. 
  • Promote Deal Accountability: Success is contingent on deal accountability. Tasks must be assigned in accordance with team members’ skill set. Mutual Action Plans can also be brought into the picture to assist in collaboration with buyers which will speed up the complex sales process.