In modern B2B complex sales, the amount of times a sales rep is actually talking with the customer is greatly reducing. Companies want to be provided information to help them discover, align, and select vendors. Many of the challenges that companies are having are because of these environmental factors.

Selling is easier if the rep is present throughout the complex sales process to communicate with decision makers and remind them of product benefits. But the truth is, 90% of the complex sales process will happen without the rep in the room. After reps make an initial pitch, it will be up to decision makers to mull it over before reaching a unanimous verdict. 

With an average of 5-7 decision makers involved in major business decisions, who knows what can happen? Everyone will be looking out for their own interests and integrating their own opinions. This presents different variables, and it prolongs the process considerably. 

There’s not much you can do to insert your rep into the complex sales process once the pitch is in the hands of the powers that be. But there are strategies that will ensure things run as smoothly and quickly as possible.

This article will review the problems sales reps are facing and the solutions that will help increase conversions. 

Problems Reps Face in the B2B Selling Cycle

90% of the Complex Sales Cycle Happens without the Rep in the Room: It’s a sales rep’s job to pitch to a company. They can continue following up on the sale to check for progress and relay new information that comes in, if any. But 90% of the decision making will happen while the rep isn’t present. That means they won’t be there to further explain the product benefits and counter any objections being made. 

Prolonged Complex Sales Processes: The decision to purchase a product or service will typically need to be agreed upon by 5-7 decision makers. It takes a long time to get everyone on the same page and ensure each parties’ needs are being met. Big ticket items that require a considerable investment will require even more time before a decision is made. 

Multiple Sales Pitches: Most companies either have a top down or bottom-up structure. Top down means the pitch starts with higher level executives and works its way down. Bottom up means the pitch starts with lower-level workers and works its way up. But either way, the rep will need to make their pitch repeatedly. They must ensure they stay consistent in their pitches while customizing them, so they are suited to the team members they are addressing. 

Solutions for Making Your Pitch More Effective and Reducing the Complex Sales Cycle

Getting a Virtual Seat in the Room: A rep will be able to make themselves more present throughout the complex sales process by getting a virtual seat in the room whether it be through forms of online messaging, document sharing, or virtual meetings. 

Creating a Collaborative Workspace: A collaborative workspace keeps everyone on the same page. It allows for the sharing of information, resources, and tools at all levels throughout the company and between the complex sales team and the prospective customer. It offers on demand and multi-channel communication that lets people access and use the information they need when and where they need it. 

If you are looking for a collaborative workspace that will help your sales rep have more of a voice in the complex sales cycle, Engage is recommended. 

Engage gives you a virtual seat in the room via Engage workspaces. It offers a centralized workspace for all communication, collaboration, documents, and more. It allows for the sharing of Mutual Action Plans (MAPs), quarterly reports (QRs), agreements, proposals, and documents so you can develop deeper relationships. 

Engage also creates repeatable workflows that allow you to scale accordingly and ensure everyone is moving forward proactively. It speeds up processes to reduce the time spent decision making. It creates repeatable workflows easing the tasks of making multiple pitches to higher and lower executives. 

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