When you are prospecting a potential customer, consistency is key. It’s essential to continue moving your prospect down the funnel of a complex sales process. You never want to have to waste time repeating actions, nor do you want the prospect to have to continue repeating themselves because your team is not up to date on the latest progress. 

There are a variety of problems that may arise when attempting to create a consistent experience. But there are solutions. This article will review common problems and solutions so you can move potential customers down the funnel, provide an excellent experience, and close more deals. 

Common Problems that Interfere with Consistency

Not Having the Right Tools: When various reps are dealing with one customer, they need to be in the loop with the most up to date information. This requires collaborative tools that the entire team can access. Unfortunately, many companies don’t have the tools they require resulting in a lack of consistency.

A Lack of Personalization: When it comes to getting the right approach in marketing, personalization is everything. Customers want to feel like you are catering to their individual needs and not just looking to close a deal. But without the right communication, team members may be unsure of what the customer is looking for. This will force them to take a cookie cutter approach that can alienate the potential customer.

Transactions vs. Continuous Relationships: Customers want their relationship with a company to be continuous, not transactional. But if teams aren’t updated on what the customer requires, and the products they already have, they will be unable to provide them with the most suitable solutions. 

A Lack of On Demand Service: When customers want information, they want it now. If teams are not providing a consistent experience, they may not be aware of customer inquiries and concerns. They may not be able to provide information on demand leading to an unsatisfactory customer experience. 

A Lack of Engagement: Providing a consistent experience requires maintaining engagement with the customer. A lack of engagement not only diminishes consistency, but it also means your team may not be aware of how the deal is going. So, if the deal is going badly, the team may not take the steps they need to take to improve service and the customer may walk away. 

Solutions That Can Aid with Consistency

MAP Repeatable Experiences: Repeatable experiences are beneficial for both teams and customers. Once a team understands what a customer likes, they can continue providing similar service. The team is familiar with the steps they must take making for an easier process, and they know they are making the customer happy. Of course, each transaction should be somewhat customized, but when similar steps are taken, it’s easier for everyone.

Centralized Digital Workspace: A centralized workspace keeps everyone on the same page, so teams are up to date on where their customer is on their journey as well as their wants and needs. 

Increased Sales Rep Collaboration: A collaborative tool brings the sales rep in at the beginning of the complex sales journey, so they are aware of the steps to take moving forward. This differs from a complex sales process that brings the team in for the last 15% of the sale so reps are unfamiliar with the customer’s needs near closing. 

Analytics: Analytics must be integrated to determine what’s working and what isn’t. This allows teams to focus on effective processes and work on those that require improvement. 

Next Steps

Consistency is essential in prospect interactions to ensure a good relationship moving forward. A good step to take is to implement a tool to help keep your team in the loop, resulting in increased customer success and more closed deals. 

To provide a more consistent experience, consider a centralized workspace tool for communication, collaboration, and the sharing of documents. A platform for sharing of Mutual Actions Plans (MAPs), quarterly reviews, agreements, proposals, and having automated processes help you achieve more in less time, while keeping with the consistency needed for success. 

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